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    The Forums Noel Gallagher :)
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    Karting, Gaming, Pc, Servers
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    hey, its me James!
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    pilot, for emeriates


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    Intel I5-4690K
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    MSI Z97-G55
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    Corsair vengance 8gb 1600mhz
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    sapphire Radeon R9 280
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    NZXT h440 blue
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    1 x120GB sandisk 1 80gb WD 1 80gb Maxtor 500GB seagate
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    Corsair cs750m
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    2x lg 244mp55
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    Corsair H80i
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    corsair k65
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    Razer death adder
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. Cheers mate saved me £200 on monitors seemed to be fixed by resting Cmos
  2. Can someone help me with my issue, I can't wrap my head around it. I bought a new graphics card for my brother an Asus 460 I think. It had a few display issues. Red dots over the screen, so I took a look at it today. I plug his graphics card into my monitors. No problem. Works perfectly. I plug my graphics card into his Monitors. No problem. But when I plug his graphics card into his monitors nothing. No signal. So I've swapped cables. I've use HDMI, dvi, dp I've updated drivers. What are my other options? It won't even show the bios screen. Any help appreciated. Many thanks James
  3. yes exactly, but i want people over different parts of the world.
  4. ill try to without breaking Coc, i need my web creation idea to be advertised to people, the locals that do this will be rewarded
  5. So I have been thinking lately about a project I want to undertake. And I have decided to finally take the plunge. I have been making websites for years now but never for profit, and I have decided that as I feel comfortable making websites that there is no time like the present! So over the next week or so I'm building my own website for this purpose and about 15 templates. But Linus' new series gave me an idea about working for a laptop. Rather than do that, why don't I offer some locals to advertise any way they wish, door to door, social media anything. Easy huh? Now is this a good i
  6. ive tried like this, but its invalid syntax word = word int([:len(word)/2]) + egg + word int([(len(word)/2) + 1:]) as you can tell python is not my strong point.
  7. i now have it like this word[:len(word)/2] + egg + word[(len(word)/2) + 1:] word[:len(word)/2] + egg + word[(len(word)/2) + 1:] and it still throws that error
  8. i have tried the code that you gave me and i dont want it in a function so i did it like this word= input("Please enter a word.") if len(word) % 2 == 0: word = word[:len(word)/2] + egg + word[len(word)/2+1:] print("word") else: print("odd") but im getting the following error TypeError: slice indices must be integers or None or have an __index__ method even when i run your code and put it in a function?
  9. So one of my 4 four homework tasks im finding very difficult this is it Task 1 Write a program that converts any entered word into a code word using these rules: -"egg" is inserted into the mid-point of any word of even numbered length -good becomes "goeggod" -"ga" is inserted either side of the mid-point of any word of odd numbered length -puppy becomes "pugapgapy" im unsure how i would go to adding the text to the string i have got this so far word= input("Please enter a word.") length = len(word) print(length) if length % 2 == 0: length
  10. you live and learn mate, on an unrelated topic, i see you have a kart in your profile picture. Do you race, if so what kart, because i do too. I race a prokart with either gx160 or 200's depends where i am racing?
  11. oh right, so your chords mainly stay the same formation, neat. i have only been playing since the start of this year, and im just beginning to learn barre chords. Did you cousin play an acoustic 6 string, or electric?
  12. nice guitars mate, im not sure if i like ibanez guitars, the more i see them the more i like them, but to me the best looking guitar is either a vintage sunburst les paul, or a es-355 in cherry red with a bigsby! i do like blue one tho, How do you go about playing a seven string is it much different to a 6? have you ever played a 12 string, im considering buying one?
  13. oh right neat, i thimk i would rather spend that money on a gibson. Have you ever used the ibanez ts9 pedal? if so are they worth buying?