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  1. Bumping this, because who knows, maybe it might help.
  2. He should do a pet GPS episode. He microchipped the cats long ago.
  3. @LinusTech you should spread the word
  4. Convenient? The pets were microchipped long ago.
  5. Damn it Rocket. Well, brethren, we found him once, we can find him again right? It's been 16 days though...But then again, Rocket was found like a month afterwards the last time he got lost right?
  6. Yo guys I need ur help. I want to get a Surface for school/class use for college. I'm thinking of using it for reading textbooks and writing notes. School starts on Sept. 22nd. I'm looking at the Surface 3 (which released on may 5th, 2015),which I can get new for ~$525 including the type cover and surface pen. If you guys were in my shoes, what would you do (and please comment below on your reasoning)? I also have a MacBook Air btw, but that will be my "daily driver" while the surface is for textbooks and writing notes. *READ THE POST BEFORE VOTING* http://www.strawpoll.me/
  7. Ik how to google search I just don't know which converter to get. Ik I won't get a higher quality. I don't want garbage in, more garbage out. I want the same quality.
  8. I was going to get that, but then I read the horrible reviews on Amazon.
  9. I saw that some people had audio sync issues on the Amazon reviews for the elgato video capture
  10. Theres too many tools out there, most of which I have never heard of, so I have no idea which to use.
  11. (I have no idea which board to post this topic in) Hey everyone, I need your help. I got a bunch of VHS home videos I wanna convert to a digital format. I want the best quality possible, uncompressed quality if possible (since the videos were already poor in quality, I wouldn't want the quality to look even worse than what it already is). What device should I buy? I'd like specific product recommendations please. I have a beefy PC if that matters.
  12. Eh, they don't look as thin and don't have as nice a design or made of metal.
  13. It has to be basically ultrabook sized to be considered thin and light.
  14. Razer Blade 14 Find me a thin and light gaming notebook with the same or better build quality, for a lower price, with the same or better specs.