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    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6800 @ 2.93GHz
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    Gigabyte EP45-UD3
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    G.Skill DDR2 800MHz 4GB + Kingston DDR2 800 4GB kit
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    Powercolor HD6850 1GB
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    Maxtor 60GB, WD 250GB both IDE ,Seagate 1TB Hybrid Drive
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    Microsoft X6 Sidewinder
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    Microsoft Lasermouse 6000
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    Creative X-Fi USB External
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    Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
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  1. the Fortigate comminuty and forums are pretty helpful and give tips on what to use to block and set up the deny/allow rights. usually our style is blanket ban everything and slowly put back rights for connection for Whatsapp because it an important commutation tool. Most of the heavy bandwidth stuffs like Youtube are easily throttled to the point you cant watch the video on Wifi and force users to use 4G
  2. I have configurations that put a stop to all mobile game apps just by blocking the ports used by the app most modern Firewall devices like Fortigate which i am using for my customers is effective for blocking webpages, spam mail and game connections unless the school IT team are just plain lazy. Pretty sure it just using wireshark figuring out the ports used by Fortnite and PUBG mobile and block them
  3. G-Sync and FreeSynce reduces screen tearing and stutters but you need both Monitor to support FreeSync or G-Sync. And nVidia cards are a must for G-Sync and AMD Cards for FreeSync but generally G-Sync is at least 150 dollars to 200 dollars more than the FreeSync option
  4. we like to know your budget for GPU as well just to note this monitor dont have FreeSync or G-Sync. so you are free to choose either AMD or nVidia cards.
  5. reseat the GPU, check all your power connections esp the GPU it may have came loose when you were taking apart
  6. this sucks in a way surely customers should be able to file a lawsuit regarding a wrongful lien sale?
  7. it clearly looks like anything within the premises of NCIX is being auctioned. be it NCIX or customers of NCIX you know your answer is stupid
  8. I think most of us has watch the part 2 on floatplane so i discuss something related to the auction http://bid.ableauctions.ca/NCIX-Richmond-Auction_as51658?ps=100 found the auctioneer and the number of item that was auctioned off the first few items which are desktops and judging by the looks, they looked like customers' desktop that they are selling off to me either PCs which customers ordered or PC that were sent in for repairs and upgrading So if those PCs belongs to the
  9. The GTX 970 3.5GB would still be the better buy over the GTX 1060 3GB due to the extra 0.5GB and the heck a lot more CUDA cores the 970 has 1664 vs the 1060 3GB 1152 The GTX 970 OC to 1.5GHz can still be a beast in 1080P gaming
  10. yea those extremely cheap GTX 960 and 970s you see on ebay from china are actually modded BIOS of GTS 450 1GB the modded BIOS makes them look like legit GTX 960 and 970 but the clear give away is the number of CUDA cores and the VRAM of 1GB some games will locked up once the VRAM hit over 1GB and certain games will not run because the GTS dont have support for newer APIs
  11. currently the RX 570 is also used for mining so prices are inflated to get just one GPU i need to pay at least 450 bucks for it same goes for the GTX 1060 3GB
  12. given that GTX 1060 3GB are still at their crazy GPU mining prices your best bet is the GTX 970 but be wary of fake GTX 960 and 970s
  13. there is no issue doing an APU first and later go with a dGPU right now for better value the Ryzen 3 2200G with fast RAM and OC the snort out of the CPU and iGPU will be your best bet down the road, you can swap the APU with the Ryzen refresh like the Ryzen 5 2600 once they arrive in April when you have a GPU