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    Asus X99-A
  • RAM
    HyperX Fury CL15 2666mhz
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    Titan X sli
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    CaseLabs SM8
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    Samsung 840 evo 500gb
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    Super Flower platinum 1600w
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    Asus RoG Swift PG279Q
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    Custom water
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    CM Storm Quickfire Rapid I
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    Razer Deathadder
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    Windows 10

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  1. So here is a video of Titan XPs running in 4-way sli while playing GTA 5. Scaling seems to be pretty amazing. Edit: Forgot to add the link:
  2. No need to disable anything no more. It was a monitor problem not a gpu.
  3. I'm not sure if it was or was not. I ran it as far as I could from other cables without any luck. On my monitor the OSD is also doing it which leads me to believe it's the monitors fault. The store where I bought mine form only has the PG279Q in stock. I don't know if they do straight replacements or if they'll send it to Asus but If they do I'll aks for the PG279Q and pay the difference. I hope they accept that
  4. Thanks. I don't think my problem is caused by the cable. I tried another one and the same thing kept happening. I took a video of the problem. Did yours look the same?
  5. I don't have that option nor have I tried that so I don't have any idea.
  6. Best idea would be disabling the gpu from device manager if you can't actually remove it.
  7. It's monitor problem 99% but it will give an error saying you need to connect the power to the pci-e device.
  8. Did you fix the problem by RMA:ing the monitor or just changing the cable? Opening / closing the osd menu can cause it to go away for a while so I don't think that the cable could be causing that.
  9. So true I'd have lost my shit if I started pulling it apart before I found out the problem.
  10. Other people have had the exact same issues as I'm having with this monitor. I'll try a few different dp cables. Edit: I can't read today it seems... So you fixed the same issue with just changing the cable?
  11. I have the OG Swift. The new one has hdmi and displayport but G-sync only works with DP. They could have added a hdmi port but they would have needed an extra scaler to make it work. With the new Swift the upgraded G-synch module supports the hdmi input without an extra scaler.
  12. I'll try the monitor on a different pc. I don't know why I didn't think about that...
  13. I'll try disabling them in device manager. I've got only a single DP1.2 cable and I can't use anything else because Rog Swift. I'll try the monitor on my other pc and if it's still there order a new cable and try that. If it still isn't working I need to RMA the monitor.