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  1. Hi guys, I don't post too often on the forums but just wanted to say really great job with the video, in particular the title. Really useful having a specific reference to the product being reviewed after the video title to make it easier to find if I ever want to re watch it later - something I noticed was missing in some recent videos. Again, keep up the great work.
  2. Thanks, I have opened it up but am unsure what I should be looking for now
  3. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows of this issue and a possible work around / fix. Whenever I try searching for something on my pc through the type here to search bar, I can get about two letters in before it just crashes and closes the start menu on Windows 10. Any suggestions / fixes is super appreciated.
  4. Never seriously considering getting vessel until all this came up, have now started my free month. I am a huge fan and I hope the channel continues moving forward and doing great things.
  5. Hi everyone I'm hoping someone could help me out/point me in the right direction just with fixing these headphones. To my understanding the copper is ground, the white is the mic and the red and green are for the sound, however I'm unsure which one is left and which one is right. If anyone knows which is left and right I'd really appreciate your help! (In case someone tells me to return these to Razer for repair, I bought them secondhand off of Gumtree on the cheap with plans to fix them as the original headphone jack had snapped off, so unfortunately I can't do that).
  6. ah ok thanks for that, I feel a bit silly now haha
  7. Kickfarted looks like it will be awesome Also what is with the idubbbz guy? Did he not see what happened to the fine bros when they tried something similar? Or is this a clever ruse? Either way I hope to see more videos from LTT in this series
  8. The headphones would suit my profile picture well, and that japanese wood looks amazing
  9. The first youtuber I found involved with talking about computers, used the information provided in your videos for my research project in the 12th grade, because I decent grades I'm now at university studying engineering, so thanks Linus. I hope you guys keep making great videos.
  10. Thanks Fair enough, I'm going to keep looking around and if I find anything I'll send you a private message or post here
  11. Been using a TP-Link card when I had windows 7 installed (Model: TL-WN851ND) but this card doens't work with windows 8.1, also I could do with an upgrade, so just post your network card here or any suggestions would be appreciated, would prefer internal PCI cards.