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    LTT's Village Idiot

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    School/ Teaching Clients to use computers/ It guy


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    i7-4790k oc'd to 5.1 ghz at 1.464 volts never use normally at 4.857 ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus TUF Z97 Mark1
  • RAM
    16 gb Kingston fury white edition 1866mhz ocd to 2244mhz
  • GPU
    GTX 780 Gigabyte GHz edition oc'd to 1254mhz core 6.8 ghz vram
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    Corsair 750d
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    raid 0 Neutron GTX 240gb and San disk extreme II 240gb and 1tb wd black
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    corsair rm 850 plan to upgrade
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    dell 1080p oc'd to 74 hz plan to upgrade
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    H100i (pump failed instantly ) NZXT X61
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    Logitech g710+
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    R.A.T. 7
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    Senheisser IE-80, beyerdynamic 770 pro 32 ohm, senheisser hd558
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    Windows 8.1 OEM

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  1. Basically wht he said and it depends on how long you want to keep your pc. I'd push 1.35 easy and used to run it at 1.4 for a bit. I have put insane almost 1.47 volts for benchmarks in order to get 5ghz but i havent run it at that voltage since then as its risky. Also temps have a huge affect on it so if your liquid cooling you should be able to push harder
  2. But are the textures stills screwy? Also nothing liek alll low technical settings running at 60fps on 1080p gtx 780.
  3. Oh really could you link that didn't seem to come up in my google search. I guess it just must have coincided with my pc momentarily bricking.
  4. I mean forgive me if Im wrong but i would feel like creating a complete 1 billion plus transistor Micro processor whether it be arm based or an x86 cpu would be able to be done in the same manner.
  5. interesting because i have a friend with a 980 and he is having no problems post update. Are yu running the most recent driver.
  6. Bad day for 780's. What were you doing before the problem did you drop you rpc take the card out or were just using it as normal.
  7. I feel like the everyone knows the "nm" limit has been used for years but this comapnys with huge rnd budgets have been able to make those breakthroughs and I almost cant see that not happening in the near future at least with intel.
  8. Also if this was during the huge gpu shortages this year they may have had trouble adequate stock for you.
  9. nvm im only hitting 72 fps but i have my gpu pinned at 100 % usage which doesnt make sense since at ultra i used to be in the 130-140 range
  10. ok just wondering what gpu are you running just in case its a driver issue? Because im also running at really low fps so im thinking it may be using internal graphic son my intel cpu
  11. hea i had a friend brick a card because a fan header fell off internally and he was fighting fo r a whilke for them to replace it.
  12. I know as you said above you don't really like asus or evga but if you lif in the US they both have extremely good customer support and while almost all asus gear has a price premium there is a reason that there motherboards are considered top of the line and extremely reliable in every class they are in. I personally like gigabyte but they have shitola for customer service. Also y'all need to chill.