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  1. In my defense, there wasn’t any choice for the shipping method. It was “Free” and nothing else.
  2. Just placed an order for a BittBoy Pocket Go V1 since I dug up a few old GBA games. I ordered through their website which I assumed would be a good way to purchase it. It has been an absolute nightmare. They don’t make it obvious anywhere on the page that it could take up to 25 business days for it to arrive. They don’t respond to emails. They only respond on Twitter once every 24 hours. They have told me I can’t cancel my order because it has been shipped when I can clearly see in the tracking app I was told to use that it has NOT shipped. Has anyone else had these problems? I am genuinely co
  3. I much would have preferred to get a real GBA, not only will it be a real GBA, it avoids the whole rom stuff. I ended up setting on the BittBoy Pocket Go 1, which wasn’t my first choice because it takes 20-25 business days to get delivered, which sucks.
  4. This was my original idea but I am having trouble locating one in decent condition for under 100$
  5. I apologize about the confusion, I have found a few GB games in an old box and that is why I am interested. I would strictly be playing those
  6. I do apologize about that as well, I was not sure where this would best fit.
  7. I apologize about the confusion, the reason I got into retro gaming is because I dug up some old GB games. I probably should have specified that
  8. I have recently joined the retro game craze and have been looking at a good way to play game boy games on the go. I would like to do this without shelling out a lot of money too. What would be the best option? Thanks for any help. EDIT: I do own a few copies of gb games so no piracy
  9. It is safe to say that as long as you understand what to do from online tutorials, you should be safe. It’s not as hard as it seems, everything has a place that it fits. I would watch 2-3 full tutorials just to be safe because some of them miss a step or two. Overall you should be good. Hope it goes well!
  10. I just got the elgato HD60 pro and I was wondering if there was a way to have it mirror my main monitor which is 1440p 144hz and still let me keep that resolution and refresh rate?
  11. I am currently not using it. I would like to use it which is the purpose of this post.
  12. Because I already have a RTX card and I found the 4000 cool and I wanted to use it
  13. I know but I already have a GPU I want to use. The Quadro 4000
  14. No I do not but I have the card lying around and I find it kinda cool and wanted to use it a little. This is the specific card, I just searched it on Amazon and it looks right. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078GYGG1B/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_S3LHFb5836V73
  15. The system itself is pretty new. A year old. Ryzen 7 3700x, MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge WiFi motherboard. 32gb of RAM. And a RTX 2070 Super as my main display out