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  1. Hi, I was running fine for past couple of days then suddenly I started to have intermittent network failures where I would lose internet access from my computer for a couple of seconds. This eventually progressed to my windows 10 computer showing no internet access no matter what I tried. I tried ethernet same issue wifi same issue. I eventually reinstalled windows. It worked for a bit then started again. I again reinstalled windows but this time did a clean instal. Now it will not work at all. All the other devices on my network have internet access and from my pc I can view all the othe
  2. Honestly you're fine with that SAT but thats only the starting point. I am currently a student at one of the Ivies and the average act here is ~34 and sat ~1480. They really care more about who you are your gpa and your extracurriculars. Its like a job interview where your prior work experience gets you in the door for the interview but what you say and the body of what you did and how it applies to what you're trying to do/ can bring to the school is most important. At your level the SAT sort of becomes irrelevant build your extracurriculars. Play sports, volunteer, start a school cl
  3. I know you mentioned the no samsung because they are twice as expensive but they are really the gold standard in this space. Also from researching your drives the 970 evo is ~15$ more and offers better warrenty support better performance and a longer lifespan. What price were you quoted on those drives I just found the 970 evo 1tb ~165$. Also I would recommend buying it very soon as samsung had a power fault at their factory that destroyed millions of dollars of nand chips so prices may spike and prior to that there were rumors flying around of a nand and dram shortage.
  4. Hi all. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the difference in performance between EK Vector series cpu blocks and corsair xc7 blocks or between EK vector rtx blocks and corsair xg7 blocks?
  5. Depends on your price point and preferences on looks. If looks arent a big deal the Nh-d14 is probably the best tower cooler within that height restriction coming in at exactly 160mm but may interfere with your ram/mobo so I'd check that first. You could also go with the above mentioned NHU12s or NH d-15s. Any of the above would knock the socks off the wraith.
  6. No-one really can tell especially with ray tracing being in its infancy your gpu may age fine or the level of ray tracing/ general textures may become more difficult. From my personal experience my gtx 780 worked absolutely fine at 1080p on almost all games even today I only upgraded once I bought an Ultra-wide monitor. If you lower settings you'll most likely be able to get well over three years out of it at playable framerates bar any crazy changes in the industry especially running the top of the line card now. If you go buy nvidias typical progression taking the gtx 1080ti out because it w
  7. Basically wht he said and it depends on how long you want to keep your pc. I'd push 1.35 easy and used to run it at 1.4 for a bit. I have put insane almost 1.47 volts for benchmarks in order to get 5ghz but i havent run it at that voltage since then as its risky. Also temps have a huge affect on it so if your liquid cooling you should be able to push harder
  8. But are the textures stills screwy? Also nothing liek alll low technical settings running at 60fps on 1080p gtx 780.
  9. Oh really could you link that didn't seem to come up in my google search. I guess it just must have coincided with my pc momentarily bricking.
  10. I mean forgive me if Im wrong but i would feel like creating a complete 1 billion plus transistor Micro processor whether it be arm based or an x86 cpu would be able to be done in the same manner.
  11. interesting because i have a friend with a 980 and he is having no problems post update. Are yu running the most recent driver.
  12. Bad day for 780's. What were you doing before the problem did you drop you rpc take the card out or were just using it as normal.
  13. I feel like the everyone knows the "nm" limit has been used for years but this comapnys with huge rnd budgets have been able to make those breakthroughs and I almost cant see that not happening in the near future at least with intel.
  14. Also if this was during the huge gpu shortages this year they may have had trouble adequate stock for you.
  15. nvm im only hitting 72 fps but i have my gpu pinned at 100 % usage which doesnt make sense since at ultra i used to be in the 130-140 range
  16. ok just wondering what gpu are you running just in case its a driver issue? Because im also running at really low fps so im thinking it may be using internal graphic son my intel cpu
  17. hea i had a friend brick a card because a fan header fell off internally and he was fighting fo r a whilke for them to replace it.
  18. I know as you said above you don't really like asus or evga but if you lif in the US they both have extremely good customer support and while almost all asus gear has a price premium there is a reason that there motherboards are considered top of the line and extremely reliable in every class they are in. I personally like gigabyte but they have shitola for customer service. Also y'all need to chill.
  19. Hi guys after a 4 year hiatus I'm back with a problem. Long stories short someone accidentally kicked my pc causing massive instability over the last month probably stemming from a bent CPU socket pin. Today it randomly crashed and destroyed my copy of windows with it. I reinstalled windows while keeping most of my files using the auto fix tool. I then reinstalled all the appropriate drivers and games. The instant I ran fortnite after downloading I realized it was running in low textures even though it was set to epic on every bar. I tried seeing if anything was wrong in GeForce experience or
  20. Does anyone know why linus is using a pebble steel now

    1. GhostWindGamer


      Maybe he likes it?

    2. mvitkun


      I recall him saying that something happened to the one he was using (possibly the G watch R) and he had to go back to the pebble.

      He also noted that the pebble experience got considerably better over time.

    3. Sharif
  21. its either evga or pny their refernece is a little different