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  1. I don't have an oven that is not used for cooking. The closest thing I have to that is a wood fireplace, which I would imagine is not temperature-controlled enough. So I guess baking it is out.
  2. OK, since I really do not want to break my machine more (there's a few months left until I want to get a new laptop and even then I want to have this one replace my raspberry pi as my server), I will only attempt to repair the mobo if it becomes completely unusable. Until then, I'll look into software workarounds to try to prevent the failing GPU from bringing down the whole system when it misbehaves, because nobody has any free repair ideas that don't carry a risk of breaking it more.
  3. I just don't think it makes financial sense to do that. That procedure appears to cost hundreds of dollars, which is more than what a mobo off ebay or even an entire new machine would cost. OK, what's the temperature tolerence of lego plastic, so I can have my machine alert me when it gets too hot for that? Or would it be a better idea to use cut up popsicle sticks? And what's the extent of the badness of this idea? Are there any better repairs that won't cost me any money, am I better off leaving it alone, or is the pressure idea the best idea despite how bad it is?
  4. How do we know that the processing unit is damaged and that it's not the solder? And how would the processing unit have gotten damaged if that's my problem?
  5. I think my laptop's GPU is failing. The laptop still works correctly most of the time (I'm typing this on the laptop in question), but sometimes it fails to wake up from sleep and sometimes the screen freezes with artifacts and Linux becomes unresponsive. Sometimes, after an incident, it takes several attempts to reboot, but as far as I can tell the machine is actually still booting but just without video output. These events seem more likely to happen while I'm moving the laptop, especially if I don't accelerate and decelerate gradually. This makes me think that the soldering between the moth
  6. Can't exactly do a (reasonably performing) VM on a phone, but I'll do the router trick. That'll get me to two VPNs, unless both of my routers can do VPNs, in which case I'll have three.
  7. I don't think I'm paranoid. I also don't know what level of resources my adversary has. I don't think she has access to the NSA, but you can never be too safe. Also, I how do I chain VPNs on Android? I can't seem to find any information on it other than this thread that went nowhere and this article full of VPN shilling that only appears to cover the process on PCs. Is it even possible to do such a thing on Android without rooting (because the shitheads at LG made that impossible on my phone)?
  8. If Tor is "suspicious", why aren't VPNs also "suspicious"? From the perspective of the website, they both do the same thing: obscuring the originating IP address.
  9. An adversary might appear in a Zoom call that I have to attend, so I'm trying to hide my IP address because it's tied to my home address and I don't want my adversary to know where I live. I want to use Tor because it will hide my IP address in case Zoom has an exploit or leak, or in case I get social engineered to click a link that goes to an IP logger. I do not trust VPNs because they are a single point that knows both my IP and what I'm doing, and therefore have the ability to leak said data. (I don't think my adversary has the resources to pay off a VPN provider to leak my data, but I'm ju
  10. Is the laptop dumb enough to let you hook up any power source to the battery input pins as long as it's the correct voltage, or will it refuse to draw power if it can't communicate with the battery even if there's voltage? If it's the former, try making your own battery with 18650s. If you are unwilling to do that, maybe try a supercapacitor on there to look like there's a battery and run it off a power bank. If it's the latter, I've got nothing.
  11. OK, that horrible 1.5 year old security exploit came in handy for making my data backup. Like, in this one case I'm thankful for it because it enabled me to back up my own data, but why the fuck is that allowed to continue to exist? I think the vulnerability is older than the phone and definitely older than its patch level, so abandonment isn't even an excuse here. This is a fucking disaster. I'm turning off ADB so hopefully it's more difficult to get a shell. Also, I feel bad for people using iPhones. How do people even tolerate this kind of thing? My next device is definitely not
  12. My mom died, and my dad gave me her LG K40 (which makes it my first phone, but my second Android device, my first being a tablet) under the condition that I back up all the data on it before I start to use it. It seems like a good phone, and is a big upgrade from my tablet, so it sounds like a good deal. To make sure I get everything, I want to get an image of the entire /data block device that I can mount as a loopback device and browse on my laptop. Then, for my privacy, security, and sanity, I want to get rid of LG's crappy UI, bloatware, and Google spyware by flashing it with LineageOS and
  13. You won't break it because it will turn off before it gets hot enough to do that, but you'll probably reduce the life span a bit. However, it is possible that it may be throttling. If either of those are a concern, maybe do a repaste and if the ambient temperature in the case is also high, consider a getting a case fan or removing the side panel.
  14. My dad claims he spent $200 on it and it has a Pentium, so probably. I don't think it was $200 as it has better specs and build quality than most $200 laptops and even some $300 laptops today (which is sad), but it probably was cheap. But what else could have mercury? Or is it more likely that they just put that sticker on everything until CCFL was abolished from their whole lineup like the other user suggested?