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    Searching for the thrill of it.

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    Limerick, Ireland


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    Asus Prime Z370-A
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB 3000Mhz
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    RTX 2080 Aorus Extreme
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    Meshify C
  • Storage
    500GB SSD + 2TB HDD
  • PSU
    EVGA 750W GQ

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  1. The one that I'm looking at is 5G, 12GB RAM and 256 Storage config.
  2. Hello once again LTT community. Been a long time since I've visited you. I'm here in need of some help. I want to upgrade my aging Galaxy Note 8. I was looking at latest Note 20 Ultra at local online sellers here in Ireland. The thing is, they're selling Vietnam models, not EU models. But they're much cheaper (+/-900 euros compared to 1100 for retail EU version). Does anyone knows the difference in specs between these models? My Note 8 was bought in similar fashion from one of those online sellers and I cannot say a single bad thing about it. It serves me loyally with n
  3. Hello once again LTT community Been long time since we last spoken but I one again need your help. One of my friends who I built PC for just called me with this issue: His mouse cursor starts to jitter, or kinda lock itself to 10FPS, when he opens certain things on his PC. He showed me that when he open Viber and clicks on its, his mouse cursor is moving as if his monitor is set to 10FPS (He has 144Hz monitor). But if he clicks on an open space of his desktop, cursor starts to move at a normal 144FPS. And he is clicks on a Viber window, it goes back to jittery 10FPS.
  4. As a matter of fact, she is a gamer. We met in a game. But as I said, my gaming laptop handles modern games at 1080p 60FPS without any issues, which is all we need. I just don't have time for going full hardcore mode on a high end gaming setup.
  5. @Cvet76 Thanks for your reply. I'm a bit sleepy atm, hence my spelling mistakes. Also, English isn't my native language. My reason for selling this setup is a happy one - I'm getting married. Yes PCMasterrace, I'm leave you because I've found someone special. Regular LTT Forum visitors have probably noticed my absence since late 2019. I don't need the money "RIGHT NOW!". I simply don't need my rig anymore because I have no time for gaming and other things that require huge amount of PC power. I'm happy with my Helios 300 laptop.I would like to sell it before next gen G
  6. Hello everyone I need help trying to figure out the price at which I can sell my rig and other parts. This is a fully operational system with 0 problems. Quite, efficient with great cooling. Well built and clean. CPU overclock is 100% stable. Here is the list if you're loo lazy to check my signature CPU - i7 8700k @5Ghz (DRP4 Cooling it off) GPU - RTX 2080 Aorus Extreme RAM - Corsair Vengeance x2 8GB 3000Mhz MOBO - Asus Prime Z370-A PSU - EVGA 750W GQ 80+ Gold Case - Fractal Design Mashify C 250GB Kingston A400 as W
  7. Depends which B450 board you have. Decent B450 boards will handle it without any issues. Cheaper B450 will struggle to run this CPU.
  8. Here 20 different people will give you 20 different answers. Headsets and mices are very personal choices. Personally I've been using HyperX Cloud Alpha for a year. Both audio and mic quality are top notch. Its super comfortable, have inline audio and mic mute.
  9. May I ask why is your CPU cooler installed upside down?
  10. Open air coolers work quieter but require better case cooling because they throw hot air into the case instead of pushing it through the shroud and out the back.
  11. Blue rare please. Anyway. Back on topic. There isn't much you can "upgrade". FX platform is dead, so you will need a new platform if you want a modern CPU and RAM. B450 is an obvious choice if you need gaming system. You could use old drives and possibly your PSU.
  12. I treat RAM recommendation as the amount I need to run game+essentia background apps without any issues. As @FloRolf said, you can usually get away with less RAM.
  13. You beat me by a couple seconds with this response.
  14. No. The best you could do is overclock the refresh rate a bit.