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  • CPU
    i7-8700K (OC’ed @ 5ghz)
  • Motherboard
    MSI MEG z390 ACE
  • RAM
    32GB (16GBx2) Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3200mhz (OC’ed 3400mhz)
  • GPU
    EVGA XC2 Ultra 2080 Ti 11GB GDDR6
  • Case
    NZXT H510 Elite
  • Storage
    1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2 NVMe (Boot)
    2 TB Samsung 860 Evo (Games)
    1 TB Samsung 860 Evo (Games)
    1 TB Samsung 860 QVO (Games)
    2 TB Firecuda 7200rpm SSHD (Games/Storage)
    1TB WD Blue HDD (Storage)
  • PSU
    Corsair RM850x 850W 80+ Gold (fully modular)
  • Display(s)
    MSI MAG271CQR 2560x1440 144hz
  • Cooling
    EVGA CLC 280 280mm AIO.
    4x Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm case fans.
  • Keyboard
    Razer Cynosa Chroma
  • Mouse
    Razer Deathadder Elite
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64Bit
  • Laptop
    MSI GS72-Stealth Pro
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  1. I actually didn’t really like the Witcher 3 game at all. But I loved AC: Odyssey. It may have deviated from the traditional AC formula but I still feel it’s an amazing game with a great story. Who doesn’t enjoy Spartan kicking bad guys off cliffs to their doom?
  2. Yeah that makes sense. I highly recommend getting it during a Steam sale if you do decide on getting it. Normal price for the Ultimate edition (with all DLC which I recommend since “Fate of Atlantis” was amazing in my opinion) is $119. Which is just insane. But during the Steam sales you can get the Ultimate edition for like $20-$30 and if you don’t want the DLC you can get the base game for like $9.99 or $19.99. I can’t remember exactly which I just know it’s a huge discount.
  3. Odyssey has some rooms that are a maze where you have to move shelves around and stuff. But that’s mostly at the end game and it’s only a few times total so it doesn’t get tiring.
  4. But if you really enjoyed Origins and it’s more of the same isn’t that a good thing? It means it’s more of something you really enjoyed. New story, new characters, new abilities, new everything with the same great formula. I played Origins & Odyssey and I think I like Odyssey better.
  5. You would love Resident Evil 3 remake! That game can be completed in like 5 hours. Same with Resident Evil Village. I can speed run it on Hardcore in under 2 hours even though a first time play through is about 10 hours.
  6. Same here! xD I am a classical history major and I loved that they included actual historical locations and made the buildings & outfits contemporary with the time. Although the concept of money was pretty ridiculous . I collect coins and below is a 4 drachmae silver coin of mine from the same time period. For comparison the average wage of someone living in Ancient Greece in the 5th century BC was about 1 drachma per day. Yet somehow Kassandra is carrying around 200,000 drachmae without even having pockets . That would mean she
  7. Isn’t that a good thing though? It means you’re getting more out of a game you paid for. Unless you think it feels artificially drawn out with repetitive content. In which case I understand that argument. Personally though I got 200 hours out of my first play through and just started New Game +
  8. Granted it’s the first AC game I’ve ever played but I see a lot of negative reviews on Steam about it even though I thought it was a fantastic game and one of my favorite games of all time. I loved the huge open world and all the stuff there was to do. The combat also felt really enjoyable because it required skills such as knowing when to strike, when to parry and when to dodge as well as when to Sparta Kick some stinking barbarian bounty hunter off a cliff. Im curious if anyone agrees with me that it’s a great game?
  9. Didn’t Linus do a video and disprove the “your eyes can only see 60 FPS” belief?
  10. I actually took the front glass panel off the case because with that thing on my temps were really bad even when my PC was brand new and the thermal paste was still fresh. I don’t even know why they put that front panel there. They should’ve known it blocked air flow really badly. It’s not like they’re novices in case building. They must’ve been drunk or something when they did that.
  11. Thanks as my first build I was super proud of my cable management. The only thing I messed up with is that top fan in the photo. It does spin but for some reason the lights don’t work but I left it in anyway since aesthetics are less important than performance and I figured it’s fine as long as the fan is working properly.
  12. Ah ok thanks! That’s good to know I hate opening up my PC and taking things out and putting them back in since it’s my first build and I put a lot of effort into cable management.
  13. Hmm I guess I should upgrade my CPU & motherboard then and leave the 2080 Ti alone. How often should I replace the thermal paste? I haven’t replaced it since I got it in 2019 and with the +105 MHz core & + 800 MHz memory overclock my GPU gets up to 80C when I’ve been playing demanding games like RDR2 for several hours. The issue is I’m not sure if it’s the GPU or if it’s because I live in California and it’s Summer and the day time temperatures here regularly go above 100 degrees Fahrenheit almost every single day. Obviously I can’t blame the GPU if
  14. How much of a difference do you think there is between a 3080 and a 2080 Ti? I’m currently speedrunning Resident Evil: Village and I’m curious how many extra FPS you think I would get in a game like that? I notice when I turn resolution scaling up from 1 to 2 my FPS tanks down to like 40-50 fps.