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  1. Intel Core i9 9900K

    The older Ryzen 7 1700 is only $219 now. If rumors is true that the new 32 cores 2990X is only $1500. It really is a BIG "Fxxk you, Intel"
  2. Intel Core i9 9900K

    Last week It was $499 on Neweggs. Now it goes back to $694. However 1950X is only $749...
  3. Intel Core i9 9900K

    The 1920X is already selling less than $500 in many places.
  4. Intel Core i9 9900K

    You can find 7820x for $450 now. A cheap X299 motherboard cost about $200. If Intel dares to sell it for $500 with Z390 chip set only for high end $250+ mobo. Meh, I'll say good luck, Intel.
  5. Intel Core i9 9900K

    24 million isn't even enough to pay the bonus of the new Intel CEO.
  6. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    According to tom's Hardware, an overclocked 1950X can draw 320w during stress test. 1950X uses also highly binned Zen dies. I won't be surprised if the 32 cores 2990X will do nearly double that when overclocked. As far as I know the Asus Zenith and Asrock Taichi both use 8 phases VRM with IR3555 mosfets, which has a rating of 60A. And gives the VRM 480A max current capacity. MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon also has a 8 phases VRM that uses 50A mosfets. But you don't really want to go close to the limit, because the efficiency drops a lot. Buildzoid thinks for the 32 cores, 10 phases is minimum and prefer a 16 phases for the Vcore. The new MSI Creation X399 has 16+3 phases. But I bet that motherboard will be insanely expensive.
  7. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    It might only need two or three more generations for the main stream AMD cpu to reach 16 cores which costs only $200- 300. How many non workstation type user are willing to go to 24 or 32 cores?? Also, unless Intel and AMD can improve the power efficiency big time. High core count cpu will be nasty in terms of power consumption(means big wattage PSU) and cooling. A mid range 650w PSU and a cheap 120mm tower cooler are no longer sufficient. So, although the cpu could be inexpensive. The cost of the total build will stop many low to mid range-budget from migrating to higher core count(more than 16, let's say). At that point, Intel and AMD will need something else to sell us new cpu. Much improve IPC, clock speed and efficiency?? The core-war is a low hanging fruit for AMD. After that, we shall see.
  8. I enjoy The Last Jedi too. Seems we are the minority.
  9. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    I see many places to have the 7820X at $450-460 now. I doubt Intel will price the whatever 9700K higher than this.
  10. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    Better start a homemade nuclear powerplant project at the backyard.
  11. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    Unless AMD makes magic with the power consumption of the 7nm. Just imagine what type of cooling is required for 48 cores. Also the VRM on motherboard. Very likely none of the existing 8-phase VRM of any X399 motherboard can handle a 32 cores at 4.1GHz for long full-load process. Use 2700X as a guide, we're probably talking 600-700w of power for the VRM and the cooling to handle. Now imagine to add another 16 cores to the problem........
  12. BIOS Settings for Intel 8-core on 300 series Chipset

    Many Z370 mobos, except the top end ones, have very so-so VRM. They are fine for 4 cores. Marginally ok for 6 cores when overclocked. But 8 cores???? Even if the updated BIOS supports new 8-core SKU. I won't just stick an 9700K(or whatever) in unless the mobo has a good VRM to cope with the extra power consumption. Otherwise, the first time you try your 5GHz with prime95, you see a plume of smoke...
  13. 2700x @ 1.39 Volts. Is it safe?

    Generally 1.40v-1.42v is the upper limit for 24/7.