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  1. I have this case. The internal width is about 365mm, +/- 1mm. So if your card is 312mm long, it will be real close.
  2. The A7ii uses the same old sensor as the original A7. Which is only half a generation improvement over the NEX 7. The A7R, A7Rii and of course the A7S/Sii have sensors with much better high ISO performance.
  3. I have the A7ii. ISO 1600 is about the max I can accept in term of noise. But it's still bad. I can send you the raw file if you want.
  4. 16 stops of dynamic range. That is insane. I would love to see using ISO 1600 for shooting Milkyway with no noise.
  5. 1180Ti CONFIRMED

    Almost 3 times as fast as the previous top end 1080Ti card. April fool strikes again.
  6. Good April fool joke.
  7. I can only think of a handful of lenses ever manufactured that have very little CA at F1.4(like the Zeiss Otus). All the lenses I have noticeable CA, vignetting at F1.4, even F2. Let's see which phone will give us first a F1.4 lens.
  8. I wish they can do the same in big cameras too. Look at all the modern F1.4 lens as big or bigger than a can of pineapple.
  9. It doesn't change the physics. Bigger aperture for same focal length means bigger entrance pupil. Moreover, one stop faster in optics equals to four times the optical flaws, like CA, that usually requires more complex optical design and exotic glass element to correct them. Look at real camera lenses. The size and price increase for a lens from F2 version to F1.4 is huge.
  10. Yeah, but larger sensor also means the lens has to produce larger image circle. Together with bigger aperture mean bigger/thicker lens......Seems they goes against each other. I'm already surprised someone can fit a F1.6 at the back of a phone.
  11. Consider Sony's flagship A9 full frame camera has only 24MP with a price tag of $4500. This one has even more MP.......