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  1. Thanks for the reply, just seemed to never do it on my old 1080p monitor, even with full screen applications
  2. Yes, so ill be playing a game on the main and ill press on chrome for example on the secondary, then the main will go black for 2 seconds
  3. I recently installed a new acer monitor, whenever I've been using my main monitor on a game for example and press on my second monitor my main monitors screen goes black for a second or two, looked around but can't find the answer, any ideas? Thanks in advance
  4. Yes, nothing will come on what so ever, everything is plugged in as it should
  5. Hi, ive just installed a NZXT M22 water cooler, i have pluged the fan into CPU_FAN and the radiator into CHA_FAN, when i asked here yesterday i got told that was okay, i have a ASUS Prime B450m-k and ive checked for loose connections and everything is plugged in fine and power is reaching my mobo because the lights are on, any ideas?
  6. Thanks for the replys, just watched a video and it says that i the radiator pump is a 3 pin connection, i cant find one anywhere on my mobo
  7. Hi, i have purchased a water cooler, my motherboard doesnt have an aio header, it only has a CPU_FAN and a CHA_FAN that i can see right now, can i plug it into them? I have a ASUS Prime B450M-K and im getting a NZXT M44 cooler thanks in advance, im new to water cooling
  8. i know it will work with it but will it come with all the cables i need as i specified to power it? Thank you
  9. Hi, i have picked up a Palit GTX 1080 jetstream that is powered by a 6 pin and an 8 pin together (i stupidly just thought it was an 8 pin) my current psu wont support this so i am thinking about upgrading to a Corsair TX650M psu, will this contain the 8 pin and 6 pin for the gpu and the 8 pin for the motherboard, sorry im kind of new to building PCs, thanks in advance