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  1. I'm from Belgium and know basic soldering.
  2. Thanks for all your replies. For those asking I like tactile switches, US QWERTY, 60% keyboard and my budget is up to $300. About the switches, keycaps and stabilizers; it seems like the differences here are all about how they sound and feel but performance is all the same. Is that correct?
  3. I've gathered enough information to understand that among enthousiasts there is a difference between a corsair k70 keyboard or a custom TOFU 60% with Zealios v2 67g and it isn't only personal preference.
  4. What is the absolute best keyboard for gaming no matter the price? I know many people are going to say it's down to personal preference but their must be some keyboards or parts that are considered top tier. Thanks
  5. Yeah I saw that review but isn't this just one case?
  6. Yeah, I found it in the psu tier list. Which testing are you talking about? Is there a group of people on this forum that test all psu's?
  7. I can get a Gigabyte GP-P850GM 850W for €96. Good deal?
  8. Maybe the new generation needs better psu's while on the older cards it would just be overkill
  9. Do you specifically recommend the rmx for the 3080 or also for the 2000 generation gpu's?
  10. I have a 3700x. Is the only plus of the rmx, less noise?
  11. RMX is another €20 more expensive than just a RM one. The RMX750 is the same price as the RM850,€130.
  12. Okay that might explain some of my confusion, in the past bronze was just fine. Thanks, I will just go for the safest bet then.
  13. Is the psu quality more important with the new generation of gpu's than it has been with previous generations?
  14. Well now I'm thinking to just go for the cheapest option and if I experience crashes, I just send it back and buy a better one.
  15. Interesting! Thanks for the help! So the psu quality doesn't actually affect fps in any way? Like could there be more stutters with a budget psu?