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  1. I dont think its ever maxed out unless I do a stress test. I only game and my gtx 1070 is too weak to make my cpu sweat. Load is almost always below 50%. And yet the temps are this high
  2. Yeah, oh well.. Live and learn. Upgrading from an i5 7640x to an i7 9800x was a mistake already. Yes its better, both in single and multicore. But I only went this route because getting a new motherboard with a new cpu if I went with the mainstream cpu's would be too expensive and too scary to replace. I think after getting a new gpu, I will just start saving up and buy a completely new system with only the most mainstream parts after a few years.
  3. right, thats crazy. I didn't know temp readings were so inaccurate. I bought the water cooler for obvious reasons, I wanted lower temperatures. Especially since I am going to upgrade my gpu (when they're in stock if ever) which is currently the bottleneck in my system. I was thinking the cpu could get even warmer with a new gpu, especially on 1080p since it will have to work harder. I am dissapointed with the results, I was hoping for a drop of at least 10C but it's only about 5C at best.
  4. each program seems to use a different naming scheme so its hard to tell. Though, gpu z only shows one value which is currently 5C lower than ''cpu package'' Should have added this screenshot a while back. I didn't even notice, there are TWO ''cpu package'' readings. I was tunnelvisioned on the high one. Honestly I dont know what many of these mean. VR VCCIN? MOS? Need to google the shit out of this
  5. Dont worry I installed everything besides the water cooler and psu myself. Broke as fuck, didn't want to mess it up. rip one part, rip my entire rig for at least 3 months as it stands. Also his temps are disgustingly high
  6. I dont know what you mean. There is no temp on the water cooler. there are temperature reading in HWinfo, HWmonitor, GPU-Z, and 3dmark
  7. i7 9800x and I have a new water cooler that shows lower temps than my old air cooler across the board on every software even HWinfo, except ''cpu package''
  8. No other program shows temps even close to 80. GPU Z, HWMonitor, 3dmark. All well below 80c. I just got a new cooler, a water cooler. Installed by competent people. They stress tested the cpu for over an hour before handing it back to me, highest temp was 80C after 1 hour of insane max 100% on all cores load.
  9. I think thats bullshit tbh, its a post from 2015 it might have changed. He says its an average, but thats just wrong. Its by far the highest nothing else is above 80C ever
  10. so the core package is the only temp that matters? Why did they even bother with all the other temps then? And Why in fucks name is that so sky fucking high? 85C g fucking g
  11. Actually, I just played another game called apex legends (played ac valhalla before) and now it showed 79c...
  12. I7 9800x even for a water cooler? I see people boasting about 50 or 60c often