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    AMD TR 3960x 24-Cores (2019 - ...)
  • Motherboard
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    liquid cooled PNY NVIDIA RTX 3080 (2020 - ...)
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    several SSDs
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    ASUS XG27UQ 4K 144HZ + 4K simple samsung TN
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    custom loop with 1080mm radiator
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    Corsair K95 rgb
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    logitech g502 or logitech G PRO

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  1. I want to know how much memory speed will afflect rendering times on 3ds max rendering sw. there are a couple of memory options (both quad channel): - 128GB DDR4 3200mhz C16 - 128GB DDR4 3600mhz C18 is there a visible improvement going from 3200 to 3600mhz kit?
  2. I can confirm, with 3080... I get 50/55/60 with optimized settings of the video... RT medium only on reflections, DLSS balanced.
  3. I need to have audio both on TV speakers in another room (via HDMI) and some speakers here in the PC room. these two audio outputs individually works but how can I set them to work simultaneously on win10 (without any limitation on programs... I want every kind of sound , from every program to be output on both speakers) thanks
  4. how much better can the MO-RA be compared with the phobya 1080mm 60mm thick... mo-ra website: https://shop.watercool.de/MO-RA3-360-LT-black_1 does it worth the update?
  5. I just discovered UFW was blocking some important ports that should be open:
  6. I followed this guide: https://linuxincluded.com/install-pi-hole-on-ubuntu/ I'm installing on ubuntu 20.04, on a raspberry pi 4. the raspberry was already set with static IP and statis DNS address ( after installing pi-hole, there is no way I can reach the admin page, I both tried pi.hole/admin or more directly the IP/admin... I have no idea what's wrong here
  7. I would suggest to a friend of mine the Lian Li PC-O11D, but is very hard to find.... is there anything similar?
  8. I'm looking for the best full tower case for a TR/rtx3080 loop, I'm planning to have at least two 360mm radiators (38mm thick from EK) or 420+360, and they should have thought for a good pump positioning. my budget is around $300
  9. solution: do not use these quick release if you want more than 70 L/h