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  1. All cables are more than fine. The PSU is the Corsair HX1000i and RAM is Corsair Vengeance 3200Mhz 2x8 CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 Considering I am getting so many various problems i am sure the motherboard is defective, especially with those sound problems. I will probably just buy the MSI MAG B560M BAZOOKA and return this
  2. Yesterday I put together my new PC and I've had nothing but issues. At first the CPU/RAM lights were blinking and it turns out it was due to the M.2. After I took the M.2 out the PC was POSTing. When I used the M.2 in the second slot it was working fine. Then I thought maybe I go to the BIOS and switch the slot to Gen 3 since it is Gen 4 and then the M.2 was working fine in the first slot. Then I add a few more items and I get the exactly same error as before. So I just decide to put the M.2 in the second slot and move on. Then suddenly the VGA LED is red but the
  3. yes which is why the card didnt work so i had to put it back on auto and i just put the m.2 in the other slot.. this is honestly complete TRASH and i really dont wanna build a pc ever again, would have been really nice if things just worked. i also dont understand why they havent come up with a new standard of installing a graphics cards, installing the new 30 cards is a complete joke, they are so thick and heavy and i never know if they are going in or not
  4. I found the setting and the PC is running fine now. I just had to change the M.2 slot from Auto to gen 3. My SSD is gen 3 so I guess that messed it up. From now on I'll always buy the latest tech, fuck this honestly, 5 hours for nothing
  5. Can you please help me figure out how I can change my gen 4 slot to gen 3 in the bios because that would probably fix the issue. I seriously can't find it anywhere
  6. I built a new system today and it didn't work out. I ended up being able to POST when I removed the M.2. I thought the M.2 must be defect but then I plugged it into the 2nd slot which is PCI-E 3.0 When plugging it into the first Gen 4 M.2 slot the PC just doesnt POST. The M.2 I am using is Adata XPG SX8200 Pro. It's Gen 3. Is my Gen 4 slot defective? Or does this SSD just not work in the slot cause it's Gen 3?
  7. For my next build I am just buying whatever box has a mesh front and fans. I'm not bothered. I also plan on upgrading again when the 40 series comes out. It's pointless to obsess with looks of a PC if you are going to upgrade again anyway in a couple of year(s) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08BQBJ4SB
  8. Very disappointed that the Indian government did not go ahead with the ban just to show that they mean business. I promise you that all employees in their American HQs are sipping on wine currently while laughing at India. They will most likely just "take more time" and then come back with excuses instead of changes. There is no need to bump this thread any further.
  9. Your CPU is complete overkill. Just go with a 10400F. Your GPU is a budget card and yet you are spending a ton of money on the PC. You can also go with a 11400F and also move to a RTX 3070. The price will be the same but you will easily get 30% more gaming performance.
  10. I need to buy a new PSU for my old PC and I don't want to buy anything more than what I need. My GPU has 2 connections for power, an 8 pin and an 6 pin. I know that for the new 30 series you have to use 2 different cables, but what about the GTX 1080? Is it okay to have a PSU with just 1 PCI-E cable? I read that it depends on your TDP since the motherboard gives 75 watt and each connector gives 150 watt. The TDP of this GPU is 180 so since that is lower than 75+150 I assume using 1 PSU cable is fine? This is my GPU https://www.palit.com/palit/vgapro.php?id=2604&l
  11. I might build a PC with a 3070 and a 10400F before the 3070 Ti launch but I might consider upgrading to the 3070 Ti when it comes out. Now the problem is, do you think the 10400F would bottleneck the 3070 Ti? I know there are no benchmarks out but how likely would it be that you can pair a 10400F with a 3070 Ti? Should I go with a 11400F instead just to be safe?
  12. Just an update that today my PC was unplugged from the wall all day and there were zero issues with the electricity. The past few days there were 2-3 a day so now I plugged it back in to check if there will be any issues but it looks likely that the PC is the issue here.
  13. The RCB in my room keeps tripping and I am trying to figure out whether it could potentially be the PC. I confirmed that the washing machine was not the issue and now I have plugged in the fridge into socket going to another RCD. If however neither are the issue I am wondering if it could be my PC as it is the only other device going to this circuit, along the router but I doubt it could be that. I always heard a weird electrical noise coming from my PC but always assumed it was coilwhine. I have a Corsair HX850i which is a very high quality Platinum PSU so I can't imagin