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  1. Nvidia did not become big because of miners. Miners are pretty new whereas gamers have always supported Nvidia. If you don't see anything wrong with them giving priority to people who use the product for nothing else but to make money then I am definitely not going to bother replying to you further, no worries. If they are customers then they could have simply ordered them on their website like everyone else instead of getting special treatment. Funny how the two people are see nothing wrong with this are the guys with anime pics who probably sit in their basement with their mining rigs.&
  2. Could you please explain to us why these cards are very clearly labelled as gaming cards on Nvidia's website if they are going to suddenly give them away to miners for cash? Please either answer this question or just don't post anymore, I don't think fanboys or sheep are popular on these forums. Try to think for yourself instead of "lolz tis b buzinezz guizz nvidia maekz moni LOL". What about the current situation and the fact that people sit at home and that a ton of people either need this to distract fromselves from slitting their wirst considering mental health has been on the rise du
  3. Ebay is full with 3070 listings
  4. unless you are rich it is completely impossible in this day and age to fully take advantage of speakers. that's the sad truth. nearly everyone these days lives like a rat and has neighbours who can hear every moan
  5. Sold out instantly and they are saying that they expect new stock on 27th November
  6. I want to see the 3060 or RX 5600 first
  7. What are you talking about? They will NOT release new cards "sooner". They'll simply adjust their prices and dump the old cards while releasing an adjusted version. We'll probs see a 3090 Ti just so Nvidia can stay on top and it'll be a couple of % faster but it is not going to be next gen.
  8. I hope they will release the 6700 in November..
  9. Jay did not leak anything. AMD released a preview on Fortnite.
  10. there are plenty on ebay that you could have right away
  11. Because of logistics. Nvidia does not want to manufacture graphics cards, they just want to develop them. It's not the same thing. You are looking at all of this from a very childish basic point of view. You just imagine Nvidia is so big they could just make all their own stuff and send it all over and ooooh yes of course they can make more designs later... why not. Maybe Barbie edition as well? All of the shit you are listing is all extra work that requires extra budgeting, takes money and most of all it adds a ton of more risk to their operations. AIBs also pay them upfront
  12. I don't think there is any point right now to obsess with ray tracing. Can you actually think of any game where ray tracing makes the game look a lot better? I look at shit like this all the time and the differences are so incredibly minor with ray tracing. You only notice them if you pause the game and you compare images but you will never notice those things if you simply play the game. Ray tracing also takes a big hit on performance so even if you buy Nvidia you're gonna lose a good amount of fps for ray tracing. None of the cards can run 144 Hz on 1440p so what exactly is the poi
  13. he is right no matter what you highly intelligent people feel like saying. you do NOT decide for devs whether you are giving them "free advertising". if anyone here says that then please send me a dm with your contract details. i would like to start giving you free life advise from now on which you of course have to take because i decided it's free good life advise from me. it'll start with you sending me all your money but don't worry, it's free advise i'm giving you, just shut it and thank me for it. if devs want your "free advertising" they'll send you a free license
  14. i assume youre a kid. believe me that if you buy a case like this, that has zero airflow you are going to be ashamed of yourself in a few years no matter how cool you think this crap looks