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  1. Those 150W and 75W figures are absolutely not hard limits. 75W for the PCIe slot is more strict, but the 6- and 8-pin connectors can handle vastly more than 75W and 150W respectively -- according to the connector spec, just under 200W and 300W for standard components, and more for solid-core connectors and higher-gauge wire. The concern is the PSU-end connector if you're using daisy-chained cables - usually they're rated to around 300-400W as well, so if you plan on increasing power limit, you definitely will want to use only one connector per cable (although you should probably do
  2. If you get the 3300X, the B450i gaming plus max should still be marginally better than the B550m/itx - however, it doesn't support PCIe 4.0 so it's up to you which tradeoff you want to make. I'd also consider a different cooler - air cooling is typically a lot cheaper than AIO and will perform as well or better, as well as improving airflow around the motherboard which can be a major factor on these dense boards. A lot of people are recommending the Fuma 2 and Noctua C14S for that case, so I would go with something along those lines.
  3. As far as I know, neither of those will support the 2600 - they only support 3000 and 5000 series. Instead I'd recommend the B450i Gaming Plus (max or non-max) -- it's an excellent board and not too expensive.
  4. Most likely, it won't work at all. SATA and NVMe are completely different standards and can't "bottleneck" each other because they just aren't compatible at all.
  5. I'm not aware of any major issues with the P650B. The P650GM is known to have quality control problems that can lead to fire hazards, but afaik that doesn't apply to the P-B.
  6. Yes. Both the 0.9A current and 1A rating are worst-case results afaik - all fans stalled in a high-ambient case. In reality there's a lot more safety margin.
  7. Probably not. What could yield more performance, though, is getting the card's fans further from your case's PSU basement, since that can restrict airflow and modern cards' boosting algorithms are very temperature-dependent.
  8. The rating on the fan can generally be trusted pretty reliably. 0.3A seems pretty reasonable for a high-powered fan at full speed.
  9. I'd guess they were running low on PCIe lanes from the chipset and wanted something cheap to fill the space. PCI doesn't require a separate lane for each slot, so it's very cheap to implement.
  10. That sounds like a partially dead or partially unseated RAM slot. What I'd assume is happening is that the memory itself is not connecting, but the connections for the SPD chip that CPU-Z detects are still working. A free troubleshooting step is to reseat your CPU - a lot of memory problems are in the connection between the CPU and the socket.
  11. Those PSUs being group regulated means that they can have some unpredictable behavior, especially on either high GPU load or coming in and out of idle states - basically, anytime the 12V and 5V load are unbalanced. Capacitor aging probably makes a fairly major difference as well, especially with cheaper PSUs that are rated to very low temperatures typically.
  12. What PSUs specifically are you using? If it's something like a Thermaltake Smart White and EVGA W1, neither is really capable of handling any kind of modern hardware thanks to their severe crossload instability.
  13. The Kingston A2000 looks like the best deal at the moment.
  14. Small FFT will be the highest CPU load; blend will stress all components more evenly. For VRM testing I'd use Small FFT.
  15. Here is a list of every case currently available in the US that fits your requirements. Choose whichever you prefer. https://pcpartpicker.com/products/case/#f=2&G=1,12&sort=price&B=3,4&xcx=0&page=1&X=100,99999 My personal choice would be the Define 7 for its incredible build quality and reasonably good airflow, but it's a bit over your budget. I also was able to find the NR600 ODD in stock at the time I originally posted, so you may just have to keep an eye out for that one.