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  1. I already tried changing the order of the rams but it doesn’t change anything, its about the motherboard slots. Right now I am trying this, if this does not fix do you know any other techniques or do I have to accept the rams being not aligned?
  2. I sticked a usb stick between the rams in the middle so that they stretch to the opposite sides. It made it a bit better but it insists on not being 100% parallel. Should I try and straighten out the slot on the motherboard?
  3. Hey everyone, So I have this issue where when I install 4x8 ram on my B550 Carbon motherboard, the ram at the very left is further apart from others. And for some reason the 2 rams in the middle are too close to each other. Does anyone know the reason behind this and is there a fix? It bothers me a lot. Thanks.
  4. Yeah but there was only a 100$ difference between the 5800x and 5900x I think it makes more sense in terms of value
  5. I have 3 seperate PCIE Power Cables since my 6900 XT has 3x8 power pins. I mean I only have this issue with low demanding games on competitive settings. Games with nice graphics run just fine so I though the cpu is not good enough.
  6. The 5800x which has 8 core seems like terrible value so I got the 5900x. But seems like it won’t make a difference so I am just going to cancel it.
  7. Yeah I tried reinstalling drivers multiple times and power plan is high performance
  8. Hey everyone, I have a RX 6900 XT and a 5600X with a 1440p monitor. In some games that use CPU a lot like Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege Competitive Settings I get low GPU utilization and low FPS. Like on all low settings, I get lower FPS than all Ultra settings which is caused by a CPU Bottleneck I think. So today I ordered a 5900X to replace my 5600X but I am not sure If I did something correct since some people told me that I will see no difference. Should I cancel my order? Thanks.
  9. That makes sense. Ill try and lower the power a bit and see what happens then.
  10. Hey everyone, My ASRock RX 6900 XT Phantom D arrived today. And I started overclocking it. I set the power limit to 325 watts which gave me a pretty nice headroom for overclocking. However, at this power I got a junction temp of 90-95 in 3D Mark. Whereas in stock configuration junction temp was sitting at 80-85. Will 90-95 junction temp cause an issue in the lıng term? I know AMD says up to 110 is fine and all but 95 still is very hot. Should I lower the power a little bit? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  11. Hey everyone, I am planning to buy a 6900 XT but I have never used AMD in my life I always used Nvidia. So my first question is AMD is known with drivers issues are these fixed with Radeon 6000? Also I see a lot of people complaining on reddit about their 6900 XT for like FPS Drops or low GPU usage etc.. Is buying this card safe? Does anyone in this forum use a 6800/6900 XT that could share theri experiences? Should I go with Nvidia instead? Thanks.
  12. Would it even take a year for GPU Stocks to come back? I think it would take less time than that but who knows.
  13. The 960 is about 140$ I am going to sell the 960 anyway after I buy a proper card.
  14. Hey everyone, I managed to buy a 3070 at MSRP a couple of months ago. Now due to the GPU stock issues someone is offering me 1700$ for my 3070. Should I sell it? And If I sell it what can I even buy right now? Looks like I cannot buy anything so I plan on getting a used GTX 960 or something for cheap. Then I am going to use it until GPU Stocks come back and finally buy a 6900 XT with the money I got from selling the 3070. But I am afraid that GPU Stocks will never come back and even if it does after a year or so. What do you guys think? Should I sell my card?