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  1. I have not received anything, strange Or I guess it depends on which country are you registered in?
  2. have you updated GRUB config? sudo update-grub i'm writing this because It doesn't appear so judjing from the dmesg command and reboot
  3. Don't use OpenLDAP, Samba 4 as AD DC is probably the best alternative out there. As for exchange, there are a couple of groupware software compatible with Samba domains, some of them have even their own ldap implementation There is no such "centralized" thing, you just configure each software manually, what are you trying to accomplish?
  4. It works out the box, depends how you are handling input, for hidraw you may need to install the steam-devices package, for steam games using X.org input you may just need libinput
  5. Why not just using OpenVPN? It's so far more secure and easy to setup
  6. This Is what I though, something like this "should" only be enabled on the localhost of the database server, my guess Is their portal comes from the same server so they forgot to disable the account itself, even though I don't know what kind of db uses admin as default username, on mariadb in Linux Is certainly root
  7. They probably just forgot to disable the admin account on the db, just a wild guess. Even kids at school programming with databases know how to do that
  8. Be careful because Ubuntu has some sort of automatic updates activated, so even if you are not directly using apt it can be checking for it or even updating it Manually deleting apt lock files can cause inconsistency
  9. I got the same audio chipset and never experienced any issue, btw if you would like to disable the power save, as it's written in that kernel documentation, add this option to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf (open it as root) options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 At the bottom, then save and reboot And pulseaudio is mandatory on ubuntu-based distributions so you would even break the desktop trying to remove it.
  10. I'm pretty sure the real point here is you can also decide which updates to do. I mean, you can separately update security vulnerabilities similarly to Linux where at least Ubuntu/Debian package manager has a flag for security updates rather than the application ones Windows "new" system is just bad as it is. I wouldn't mind twice to automatically apply security updates if only I could prevent other useless updates that are more likely to harm the system.
  11. If you just need to program in Python you could basically use everything with a python interpreter on it?
  12. The last time I used RR Linux distro on my PS3 it was utterly broken because the repos are 404 in 2019, also is complicated to manage and install, you need to mess with the NOR/NAND memory to set up a partition, (oh obviously mod your console first) and without even video drivers with video acceleration avaiable, in 2019 people are still working on it and is not yet available for public use, and I don't even know if there are currently any supported distributions at all since Sony decided to remove OtherOS Basically it's like using a normal, old computer with a decent CPU for 2007 standards, 256MB of RAM with VESA video mode. Pretty much useless I would say? For instance, using a modded PS4 with Linux is insanely better it's similar to a modern x86 computer and the already-existing Linux AMD drivers worked after some small tweaks
  13. I never used it except for git since years, probably just because you can do both things with terminal or a graphical interface? Like even complicate things like PCI passthroughs can be done in GUI using unRaid even VM management for hypervisors like KVM using Proxmox instead of using the raw terminal
  14. Multiple Windows 10 Pro installs on a single physical machine are a violation of the Windows EULA, you could do that using both Linux or one Windows install + Linux (or use both windows buying other expensive licenses)
  15. I use it as a desktop since 2012 and it drastically changed (in a better way) than I was used too, the only thing I found frustrating is desktop is still not commercially relevant except for server-specific flavours, when imo it should be It is really strange something like Logitech G Hub has MacOS support where gaming there is TON worse at the moment, and not on Linux, luckily at least ckb-next (for the keyboard) is a really decent program, community made, and here I can even add the music visualizer effect which on Windows with iCUE is hard to achieve on the K70 RGB MK2 model where you have to modify the .xml and other crap And drivers became really at the par with Windows with the only exception the development is a bit slower to get the drivers on the distribution, and the fallback vesa driver for the kernel mode setting sucks, you don't even have an usuable system if drivers are not totally supported, especially when missing the firmware, the driver module itself will load anyway and the only thing you get is a black screen. Seriously? It's even more plug&play than windows, the drivers get updated with the system itself and it's really flawless, but THIS works like crap
  16. NMS is patching wine Linux issues on their game despite not having official support for it ?

  17. I have noticed just now Dell Poweredge servers have a passive cooler, with a sort of plastic "tunnel" with a very, very big fan at the end which pulls out the air, honestly I never checked the temperatures on those, I touch them only when checking the storage 

  18. Backuping with rsync files from a samba share to another samba share on a NAS ?

  19. Don't use parrot... It's not meant to be installed on a system, use Ubuntu for desktop usage
  20. Proxmox, it's free and open source and based on Debian, uses KVM https://www.proxmox.com/en/
  21. I'm already using Oracle 8 (based on RHEL8) on one of my servers, one of the major things I noticed is they are going to slowly deprecate python2.7 (they even changed the package names)
  22. They seriously need to consider making avaiable the stable branch of that OS even for Home and Pro version of Windows And please don't start saying people can just use Linux, in businesses you can't even think to make your customer use Linux on computer clients with an AD domain especially (they can barely use Windows anyway) with rare exceptions
  23. "Plug and play as on windows" Well... ? most of the time Where are you supposed to use the terminal to make things work? Linux is even more plug&play than Windows since you don't even have to download the drivers manually (exception made for Nvidia, but you are still using a GUI for that) I think you are confusing how things were years ago, the real problem here is making things work if you don't have the driver because you are using Debian or Ubuntu LTS for example, and you just bought a 5700 XT, the development here is slower (means you have to wait for updated drivers on your system) unless you pick a distribution with costantly updated (and unstable) drivers, this imo is where the problem really is. You have to choose between compatibility or stability, at least on Ubuntu LTS you can install repositories (you could do that even with a GUI) it's not properly "plug and play" to set those up, but is not even that hard or different than finding drivers on the internet like on Windows, you just have to know where to look, the majority of the Linux community is really confused here and will just recommend to install another distro, something like Manjaro, instead of using a stable distro with small parts of the system slightly more updated and this is the correct way. Some people are not even able to do that in Windows... Generally is not that different or harder As for steam proton, this is just what you said, it lets you play games without fiddling with wine and it's plug & play
  24. As he said now you are using GNOME, and it's pretty known to run like ***** Thanks god the ubuntu developers shipped a couple of really big performance patches (I personally tested them) and it's starting to become decent. Still, I'm not using the "Unity" experience, the first thing I do on my Ubuntu installs, is to install dashtodock GNOME extension and customize the panel. I don't like KDE for a variety of reasons, but I admit it's a TON lighter (500MB of ram less than GNOME or Windows)
  25. Yeah, it's stable... But that also includes the drivers, now you could integrate additional repositories to 18.04 like updated kernel Afaik I don't know if that mode should be supported on Linux, It has its own software raid solution Basically you just open the program called driver manager (you can find this opening the software repository setting) and choose to install the Nvidia proprietary driver, the latest one available (if you see an old one, add the graphics-driver repository) I'm assuming you got switchable graphics, and the the Nvidia proprietary one includes support to it (without you basically goth both of your GPU on draining battery)