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  • CPU
    8086-k @ 4.00ghz
  • Motherboard
    Z390 taichi ultimate
  • RAM
    2x8gb corsair vengence 3000 @2133
  • GPU
    MSI P104-100 8gb 418 drivers @ 1.89mhz
  • Case
    Focus G
  • Storage
    1tb 860 evo
  • PSU
    750 corsair gold psu
  • Cooling
    Mugen 5 rev B
  • Keyboard
    Reii/steel series keyboards and wireless keyboard.
  • Mouse
    Evga gaming mouse
  • Sound
  • Operating System
    Ubuntu 16.04
  • Laptop
    Vivobook max asus 1.1ghz quadcore

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  1. even real 1060 cant sli has no bridge, but well if its like linux drivers theres some command you can run interminal called "nvxcfg sli=auto, or sli=on arguments, and one of the coolbits will try to sli beteen diffrent cards. sli doesnt get used in ANY linux games so no help there, but if is something you can type like this in windows nvidia file maybe csn try. likely ashes will be only game to use it as no bridge. or id the diffrent sli auto. @asddsa
  2. Molly, raspberry, and seus shaders are rtx like for java.
  3. my entire pc is dead, so i cant even boot past grub. if i ever get the pc fixed will try handbrake
  4. Well i tried to boot my system, can access the grub, but after that its as if the drive died. there were no semptoms. so since i can still access grub is it dead? not even a year old. Just one day boot was like this. anything i can do to repair it? the pc isn't even letting me use an install medium now. just want to record a video. not trusted key, and below are the bad errors. the ones above are there, then just go away and it boots.
  5. Every boot i get this error in title. tried swapping to old gpu as well. for 16.04. and suddenly my 20.04 install says bios error bug no logo. 20.04 install usb says same thing, so i can no longer do anything asside from access grub of both installs. is there a way to mark the key as trusted or tell it to ignore that each boot via changing the grub? secure boot is off, but error persists.
  6. well, can you use linux? since your gpu is normal, it should work better than a p102. just leave the hdmi or whatever on onboard. for ubuntu boot from usb and install. use these commands sudo apt-get add ppa:graphics-team" && sudo apt-get update then click dash and search additional drivers and choose most recent one. 450 is beta, 440 is stable. shutdown reboot after the drivers installed, and it should work fine. assuming 20.04/ most recent version. also can't, as far as i know, overclock on 440. i have driver 418 xconfig for intel igpu prime, that
  7. need some help with driver 440 on ubuntu. doing anything to the xconfig, even making it messes up the desktop to the point tty1 is only way to fix it. i tried 5 xconfigs. driver 418 works fine, coolbits oc and less taring with composite pipeline, but since editing an xconfig as admin is only way to enable these, i'm at a loss. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  8. @snedz1967 how did you get that fps counter and all info while benching? i really have been looking for that. sometimes forcing dxvk instead of native version, if native uses opengl, helps. if theres stuttering, maybe a launch command to the game will help, or changing the rpton version used. most games through proton or wine you get problems if alt + tabbing. doom eternal is known to not work with linux.
  9. well driver 440 works out of the box on ubuntu 20.04, so updates won't be a problem. just check protondb for the games you play. if they work good, if not i tried. fair warning tho, can't overclock that way.
  10. well, in terms of fluidity of os, install time, and general performance, seams slower all around on the 120gb corsair nvme vs the 1tb sata 860 evo.
  11. Is there some setting needed? my nvme is much slower than sata ssd
  12. stutters? well i got those when i oc'd, the gpu too high, so since you don't oc some parts likely dying. try1 stick of ram individually in system, and do minimal to see whats bad
  13. nope. all the other keys are right. only wsad and arrows got swapped. in was just randomly in game. last time this happened even a reboot didn't fix. just lasted a few days then got lucky and it worked normsl some point.