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  1. Currently, I have a beautiful home-made mechanical keyboard that's really lovely to type on but incredibly loud. When I'm streaming the keyboard is exceptionally annoying and it doesn't help I normally stream programming, where I'm typing most if not all of the time. Can anyone suggest a keyboard that is really quiet? Doesn't have to be mechanical, but would enjoy if it were nice to type on.
  2. Does this one: https://www.thomann.de/gb/presonus_eris_e3.5.htm Come with a DAC? Do I need to buy my own DAC? Can I just plug these into my computer and for them to 'work'?
  3. Some speakers I'm purchasing come with: Includes mini jack cable (TRS to TRS), 1.5 m, adapter cable (mini jack TRS to 2 x RCA), 1.5 m and connecting cable from left speaker to right speaker Can I plug any of these into my computer? It has the following 3.5mm jacks on the back: Line In (blue) Line Out (green) Mic In (Pink) Center / Subwoofer (Orange) Read Speakers (Black) If I can't, is there an adapter I can buy?
  4. If £200 isn't enough for a quality pair of speakers, what would be enough?
  5. Price Range: £<200. Country: UK. Use Case: Sitting behind computer to provide sound. I sit ~1m from computer. Currently use a pair of £10 speakers for my computer, but they are really crackly and awful. Looking to upgrade. I use them quite a lot, so willing to spend a fair amount of money on high quality speakers that will last.
  6. If I have lots of devices, I can connect them to a single speaker using a mixer. If I have lots of output devices (e.g. I have a speaker, a set of headphones and a 'party speaker'), I can pick between them using a 3.5mm hardware switch. Is there any tool that can let me connect / mix multiple inputs to multiple outputs? For instance, it'd be ideal if I can switch from my headphones to my speakers at a push of a button. And it would also be useful to be able to connect my Switch / Desktop to my headphones at the press of a button. There'll never be a situation where I'm wanting
  7. Looking for a laptop to play party games on (think Among Us, etc), browse the internet and similar. Hopefully quite cheap, £400 - £500. Some photo editting capability would be good. The ability to do some photo editting would be great.
  8. Probably somewhere in the £400 -> £800 range. Although could obviously be convinced if something is worth it for less money. The Google Pixel 4A at £350 does look really good for instance. I haven't heard of the A7 before, so will need to do more research into it. I have looked into the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE however and it is on my shortlist as being a very good phone!
  9. Buying a phone for a parent, not sure where to start as haven't looked for a phone for myself for years. I was wondering if you wonderful people could give me any ideas. Looking for: - Android - Large display size (parents can't see that well) - Large battery - Not too expensive. At the moment I'm looking probably between either a Google Pixel or a Samsung S series phone, but there are so many to choose from.
  10. The manual says it 'saves power', but how? What does it stop to get that power save?
  11. Thinking of buying a GS66 Stealth 10SGS which suggests a 15.6" FHD (1920x1080), 300Hz, IPS-Level screen. What does IPS-Level refer to here? Is it IPS? Is it TN? Can't seem to see much information about it online.
  12. Would really love to be able to check them out in a brick and mortar store, but unfortunately with Coronavirus that seems unlikely to happen anytime soon. Here's to hoping though
  13. The logitech C920 currently looks to be out of stock. Any suggestions for in-stock options?
  14. The keyboard is both coloured red and also appears to have red keycaps. So they are just 'linear'. They're still very loud when I type. If this is 'non-clicky' then I'd love to hear what the clicky ones sound like I do often type quite fast / hard. I normally aim for ~185 words per minute. It's possible I'm just hitting the keys far too hard.