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    are my parts conflict free yet?
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    Belgium West-Flanders
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    Gaming Making Pc's...


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    3930K @ 4.0Ghz 1.045v 100%
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    Intel X79 Chinese C600
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    32GB DDR3 1333Mhz 3x8GB Kingston Hyper X DDR3 Corsair 1x 8gb DDR3 1333Mhz
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    Corsair Spec Delta RGB
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    Samsung 850 PRO SSD 256gB 500GB 7200RPM 2.5Inch 1TB Seagate Barracuda Compute
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    Antec VP700P
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    2560x1440p Dell Ultrasharp U2515H @ 80Hz, 6ms 1920x1080p @ 65Hz 5ms LED Panel basic ACER ding
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    Corsair H100I GTX (jet engine fans still on that thing...)
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    NEW! Corsair k95 RGB Platinum Cherry MX Speed Azerty (BE layout)
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    Scammed by Sennheiser - Sennheiser HD 598 & Scammed by Fiio - FiiO E10K Amplifier and DAC Bose serround unit (forgot nameing)
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    Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-Bit

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  1. TLDR guys if you don't know IT JUST WORKS and i have BIOS GPU stress tests and CPU stress tests to back it up with the voltage readings
  2. I wonder why my other GM Cooler Master Power Supply blew up in a shorter time than my “D tier” Power Supply (that has not even seen the slightest sign of failure) but okay whatever it can't run on “120v” OR it has “high temperature tolerance” which is actually just a statement that it doesn't work in America so there before it's TRASH. We have the other things like the efficiency or whatever look it's designed for the European market and it had been running fine so it's proven itself a better PSU that is BETTER like that Cooler Master or one according to this LIST won't help much if you had a wall socket that was not properly GROUNDED. And it shorted out the 24-pin on the motherboard which was a FIRST revision motherboard so duh it blew up by shorting it out in a chain reaction and it proves that Cooler Master is hot garbage in their cheap department. And the warranty on these things expire after 15 YEARS anyway and there is no way to perform a visual inspection if you don't know/don't have the equipment so just using common sense plugging things correctly grounding it whatever if your day is unlucky you'll die and if that day is for your computer that'll die and by the time that happens it served me okay just replacing the thing okay sure but what'll change then could've been a ripoff used or out of the manufacture faults DOA's too and you'll then be fucked anyways.... better stay the way it is until you see something fishy in HWmonitor Software or EUFI BIOS checks everyday of anything fishy and hope it doesn't blow up well by that time who knows i have on my wallet to go straight up to Tech Yes City again or something
  3. Computers are not Human get proper voltage input or GTFO.
  4. HAH, My "D tier" Power Supply hasn't blown up yet... after YEARS, wonder how that could be, lol.
  5. eh its bronze PSU i mean if your energy bill is dirt cheap why not but you might want to check out
  6. That will be tough for sure at least 850w gold would be nice for 93% effecientcy
  7. Mining is DEAD. period until August that is...
  8. Hours Sometimes though the card runes fine like when i tried tweaking with overclocking and AMD drivers it was fine for a while i am running the newest optional drivers 19.7.1 maybe still a "beta"?? i mean it didnt work on the older drivers either its a clean install with DDU+AMD tool clean install on top of that so when i overclock it has an odd behaviour of slowing down the clocks to 300Mhz mem and core clocks are low too when i reset default settings its like 135K topped and when i close the client and stop folding then overclock 1400Mhz core and 1400Mhz mem and 150% power target 61°c card max it tops off and folds my GPU 100% with core clocks on 1385 something and 9000Mhz mem but its 130k PPD and it should be 350K
  9. If your boss said yes then just do it cuz every little bit of folding performance helps even tho there are many budget cards that would do more than M6000 it does not matter at all just fold
  10. Hello recently i have been starting up Folding@Home again GPU&CPU topped on 100% usage while i am doing otrher things on my computer but even then i CLOSED everything and i have 132000 PPD but i have a RX 580 8GB overclocked 1400 Mhz core and 9000Mhz Mem it should reach about 360000 in my experience and with performance benchmarks on a chart i found on overclockers.net what the hell is going on?? plz help
  11. https://www.google.com/search?ei=ozApXez5GYaakwXyza3gCw&q=what+is+my+ip+address&oq=what+is+my+ip+address&gs_l=psy-ab.12...0.0..939...0.0..0.0.0.......0......gws-wiz.BWcdIgGC5lA
  12. Ok keep in mind that most dust filters do not block 100% of the dust comming in the system and small dust particles might come through especially with this thin of a dust filter you're mostly just gonna pick up the larger dust but letting smaller dust particles come through and as i inspect the dust seems mostly very fine dust
  13. is there anything else running on your computer?