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  1. Maybe I'm wrong. It's been a long time since I've had multiple different sized monitors set up like that.
  2. This makes sense, however I've had multiple 1080p monitors before that appear as different sizes in windows,
  3. I recently got my Acer VG280K 4K monitor and after plugging it in it scales really weird with my old 1080p monitor. The monitors are almost the same size but Windows thinks the 4K monitor is much bigger than the other one. Is there any way to fix this in Windows or any tools that would allow me to resize my monitor?
  4. The other slots are ISA slots, which is an older standard that predates PCI. You won't be able to run any high bandwidth cards like graphics cards off of them, but they are useful if you need to expand I/O with expansion cards.
  5. Yeah you should be able to throw a Voodoo card in there I see no reason why you wouldn't be. Keep in mind that if you are running a Voodoo card you also need a 2D card, although I assume if you're buying a Voodoo you already know that. It has 2 PCI connectors so you will probably be able to run both cards.
  6. Yeah, power supplies usually follow a standard ATX form factor so you should be good to go. The motherboard on the OptiPlex 790 also doesn't have any proprietary power connectors so it should work fine.
  7. This is a riser card for an old Windows 95 PC for ISA and PCI. I'm not sure exactly what the connection is but it appears to be 2 PCI connectors. There isn't really any modern use for this even if you could use it on a modern PC because motherboards don't support DMA which you'd need for a lot of common ISA cards.
  8. You can use whichever one of the connectors you want. The molex is just optional if you don't have a free fan header. Now the real question is who decided to make a fan out of cheap $2 chinese vending machine jewelry
    1. Redicat



      • AMD FX 8350 @ 4.4 GHz
        What's your CB score?
  9. I'm sorry my good acquaintance. I am afraid that my canine has accessed my personal computational device unbeknownst to me. I am very pleased by the act of you taking the time out of your way to assist my shopping.
  10. sould i get the i77k or the rysen 180x i heard the i77k games more but the rysen has more cores but amd is bad i think because i have had slow amd thank you for help!
  11. In the late 90s, we started to see slotted CPUs. Intel had Slot 1, and AMD had Slot A. After a few years, they switched back to using a socket. Why did they switch back?
  12. It shouldn't damage the lifespan that much. Back in 2014 I bought a few 7950 cards that had been used in a Bitcoin mining rig 24/7. Those cards are still alive and powering my friends rig to this day. The only issue I had with the cards is that one of the fans died soon after I got it (probably because it was at 100% for months lol). I would say go ahead.
  13. I would go for that Vega 56 all the way. Considering you already have a 1080p FreeSync monitor, the Vega 56 will have no issue maxing everything out looking smooth as hell. The Vega 56 will continue to deliver smooth performance for years on that monitor, considering that the target resolution for the card is 1440p.
  14. I owned a Dell Inspiron 530S, the slim version of your computer. I don't know if it's different, but the mounting for the motherboard was completely standard. I'm fairly sure that both of the computers use the same motherboard, and it should be a standard mATX board, with all the holes in the correct places.