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Blog Comments posted by Favebook

  1. 4 minutes ago, GOTSpectrum said:

    I have no idea how I have done that LMFAO!


    But yeah, got it all sorted, will just leave it as is haha.


    Thanks for participating thus far, only two more days to go, hope to see you still chugging along after the event!

    I've been here for over a year almost constantly. I am not planning on stopping. But PPD will drop SIGNIFICANTLY after the event ends. 


    However, my new goal is to hit top10 in team overall score (hopefully until end of the next year). Which would require 1 BILLION points. Which is a nice goal.😊

  2. 2 hours ago, xl3b4n0nx said:

    I'm with Shcok_Wave1. I also don't see my name up there and I did sign up in September. As of writing this comment I am #384 in team rankings.


    Ummm, could you open a spoiler and search your name via "CTRL+F"?

    I found you in like 2 seconds at place 102:



    4 hours ago, Shock_Wave1 said:

    yes same name, and i did fill everything out and submitted it but i don't know if it actually worked. so i may not actually be apart of it which would be a bum to find out now of all times :(

    However about you Shock, I am really not sure, you will have to check with someone. Ask about your problem in main thread for this folding month.

    You might have misspelled something or maybe you did not sign on time. Or maybe they just lost your entry for logs somewhere. Anything can be possible. Just check with them.

  3. 8 minutes ago, shaz2sxy said:



    Anyway - what you done to up your PPD 😛



    Tho, honestly, I bought another 1080 Ti and overclocked all 4 of my cards to maximum stable clock(basically, putting +1 on core would crash them all).


    2x 1080 Ti

    1x 1070

    1x 580 8gb


    Also, PPD is still stabilizing, so I might hit 4M, if I start getting good WU's and stop playing CS:GO.