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  1. The E@H GPU tasks seem to use only CPU for a while in the beginning slowly ramping up GPU usage and at the end while stating 99% also using only CPU, probably for unpacking and packing the data again so shouldn't be anything wrong with the tasks, I have had all complete and upload this far
  2. I don't know how accurate the estimates are, think I saw some of mine complete around 60-65% like someone else also mentioned but this is what my Ubuntu 20.04 VM running on dual Xeon X5675 server show.
  3. I don't see the problem, start folding now if not already, then continue, never stop, maybe take back the power limits a bit when the results are in or when the summer heat strike.
  4. Do you have single or multi CPU systems? When testing my dual Xeon server I only got 75-90% utilization when running all threads in one slot, probably because the CPU-CPU communication can't keep up. I did try more slots and fewer cores per slot but same low util, probably have had to force which cores a slot should use. Switched over to Boinc instead where the cores run individually and got 100% util no problem.
  5. If you don't play games needing absolutely all power of your computer you can just leave it running in the background, F@A is after all running on low priority. I don't pause things and most games work without any noticeable slowdowns.
  6. You probably don't, but a car/car hacking forum is probably your best bet, the more specific the better, so try to find a forum dedicated to modifying the brand of cars this is from. If the only things damaged/missing is the three/four components circled it will be enough with a picture from a similar computer, the numbers are the resistor values and they don't have a direction, the small capacitor is probably decoupling, direction and value non critical. As long as the PCB isn't damaged it should not be too difficult to get fixed.
  7. Simplest thing I can come up with is a Arduino with a Ethernet-shield, and it can easily be battery powered. The downside is that it is just a micro controller, so you can't have it to do much compute or any other complex tasks.
  8. For a three pin fan, yes, the third pin is just speed feedback. I don't remember how it is with four pin ones, haven't tested so many of them. There may also be some special implementations where this don't work, but it should. The ramping fan seems odd, can't recall seeing that except for on my graphics card, but those fans are PWM and end up in some speed regulator loop. Does the fan in the PSU also ramp up and down? Depending on how fancy the PSU is that fan may be directly connected to the 12V rail, so if the PSU is not stable that fan too should ramp up and down.
  9. No, you only need a link to the one you are requesting a badge for, folding ID OR Boincstats account. As far as i know you can't link them together anyway.
  10. If it moves freely and clicks nicely the switch may be okay, best way to know is to measure it, but that again requires a multimeter or something alike. Then it is to check the solder points holding the switch to the board, hard to say what type without a picture, but they should look somewhat even and shiny and sit tight to the circuit board. I don't know what is local to you, Elfa, (Digikey, Mouser,) ask friends, family or someone here on the forum living in the same area, but depending on what type of switch you need it may also be found on Ebay or others alike. As long as the s
  11. Or buy just the switch from the local electronics supplier, the switch usually have a part number somewhere on them. It is a while back since I looked some of this up but then the switches was kind of standard and not to hard to find.
  12. Yes, at least I have been using a p104-100, mining 1070, for two years now. But mining rigs are not optimal, F@H needs something like a 4xPcie link too keep the GPU fed with data, mining rigs usually only have a 1x link.
  13. Probably only somewhat high end GPU:s and no CPU:s, and that they haven't been folding very long as recent WU:s are larger than older once.
  14. It depends on the F@H server load, I have had some taking 45 min to upload, and that is without loosing connection and having to start a new uppload.