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    Intel® Core™ i7-8700K
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  1. I had one of my networks (which I usually use VPN with for torrents), blacklisted on their website after accessing it for a few times (without VPN or active torrents). As I do not use that network often, I just forgot about it and didn't even contact him. After 3-6 months later when I tried again with that network, it worked fine. He probably has an automated system for that.
  2. Hahahah, most likely, you did not, but well, if you didn't have any important settings or apps configured, you are good to go. If I were to reinstall my OS, I'd need like a month to set up everything the way it was.
  3. Have you deleted the previous config before reinstalling? Can you try deleting all slots, exiting F@H, killing it in task manager and then starting it up again?
  4. Could be badly configured F@H. What have you done before you experienced this?
  5. This is a big problem for me too. If I want to run HWinfo, I have to reboot my PC after using it if I want to use my iCue again. I lose almost all functionality from iCue when I run HWinfo.
  6. No worries, you forgot about "only" 350 billion $, so, nothing serious.
  7. Not sure I understand this reference. Bitcoin is not "just point(s)". Bitcoin has value.
  8. You probably got awarded with lost points that were your all along but weren't awarded at the time. OR, someone folded for you .
  9. Just a regular shortage of WUs error. Server has no WUs to give you at the time. But be sure to check if you have internet connection anyway, ISPNs can crap their bad sometimes.
  10. Probably due to linux. Also, those are new cards and there isn't a ton of data on them yet, that is why they might vary a lot in PPD. Linux does give you better PPD, that is for sure, but I wouldn't say every unit is 50%+ better than on windows.
  11. Avoid having core restarting, it is much better for your PPD than overclocking. I learned it the hard way back in 2018. If you aim to fold all year around, consider putting slight overclock and dropping the power limit. You can even see my only 2080 Super with 55% PL and small OC (+30CC/+250MC) has been stably folding since event ended for exactly 2.73M and it is using a fraction of power that it used during an event when I OC-ed it to 105% PL same OC and it did between 2.8-3.2M PPD. Ah, yes, all of you who will pass me this year will have a hard job keeping your spots
  12. Heh, enjoy your rank ups while you can, I gotta cover some electricity with my cards. Do not worry, I will catch you next year.
  13. I wouldn't really call it stable, you can see that your 2060 (folding slot 3) had 2 core restarts. One of those luckily was a dropped WU, but you probably lost a chunk of folded % and had to redo it. However, the first restart actually dropped a WU totally and you had to download new one. Now, I cannot know without full logs how much time those 2 restarts took out of folding but I can surely say that that was not worth it. The PPD you get from OC-ing is miserably low compared to risk of dropping a WU. You did have luck in last few days (if you have ran same settings during that tim
  14. Yeah, forgot to mention, I am using + 20-60 CC and +100-300 MC depending on card and it's performance (read: stability) in benchmarks, mining and F@H.
  15. On 4 of my 2080 Super, I cannot go lower than 48% PL. @ 100-112% PL they do 3-3.1M, @ 50-100% PL they do 2.5-2.9M. Once I go below 48% PL core clock drops from 1650 (50% PL) down to 1200-1400 CC, which drops PPD down to 1.7-2.1M. Lowest I can go is 42% PL on these cards and it drops down CC to 900-1050 and I haven't tested PPD but I'd say 1.2-1.7M.