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  1. My mind is playing tricks on me then. I didn't know there was so many giveaway hunters.... Tnx for info.
  2. I think they did get shorter. I do not remember having to fold at least one WU for 5 days for 6 day event.
  3. They do not stick. They get STUCK. Only way to get them through is to suspend the task, let other task come to 99% and then I suspend those and resume previous. And even then, it's like lottery if they will even move.
  4. Even if I suspend all CPU tasks and let a single 0.9CPU 0.5GPU task go from 0-100% it will get stuck at 99% and it will use at most 10% of my CPU for it.
  5. Yeah guys, you are on your own with Einstein. I am not gonna bother with this. Way too much hassle for too small gain. This is dumb:
  6. Once you set it up in preferences, you have to click "update" button on every boinc client.
  7. Is anyone else experiencing the problem where some Einstein tasks just get stuck at 99% and do not want to process further and boinc won't download new ones unless I process those first. Like I have to babysit 4 of my systems. I am thinking of just giving up on Einstein tbh. This is happening on 4 different configurations with similar GPUs (2080/2080S).
  8. By default, on one of my systems, PrimeGrid uses 2 out of 2 GPUs but does not utilize them fully. Do you know where I can find a guide on editing cc_config files to use them fully and efficiently? I just spent about 30min searching for it but couldn't find it. I remember setting up my app_config file for WCG but I do not remember anything about PrimeGrid.
  9. Is there no easy way to bunker some projects while still uploading others? It's been long since I've done this. I guess it is not possible with single instance of BOINC manager, am I right?
  10. So, in how many hours/minutes does event start exactly? Are we using GMT?
  11. Who do I contact in order to donate to prize pool? @GOTSpectrum