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  1. Look if I lose 4~24m points for this event I will just buy a third 3090 for November and cram the points in sideways ! Honestly though my favorite self inflicted burn from LTT mods was delivered by @TVwazhereon this post where a single meme cut me right down to size. Hell I had spent at least thirty minutes writing that thing to earn that response! So I get it, I laugh at the jokes, and I push work units though by the truck load. I won't ever be in first place, I won't ever be number one, but I am happy to be on the team working towards the same goal.
  2. I am back on my bullshit helping validate the code and enforcing sanitization of data inputs. Just kidding but after working validation for years I feel you on having something break and zero easy ways to fix it.
  3. How did I break a script? Also 38M feels far higher than it should be : (
  4. Friend noped this idea and will pick up the card tomorrow. I wanted to see how a 3080 would run on a bottlenecked 10 year old i5- 2320, but alas we will never know.
  5. I have a 3080 sitting on my desk that I snagged for a friend. I wonder if I can spin that up for this week since he won't be getting it installed right away. Maybe he won't notice if I slice the sticker and have it do some warm up laps... do I send him a text first or just join to the fold?
  6. Posted a video on reddit, no clue but maybe we get a few more folders out of this.
  7. I am really looking forward to this event, where my constant pace randomly has people suddenly blow past me with rocket engines I look forward to unleashing the drag racers. Lets see who can outright embarrass my 100M a week average.
  8. I am going to attempt to generate some sort of video and see if I can post out to PCMR, watercooling, Corsair and EVGA redit groups to see if I can get the users to flip and fold for the event. I am not above soliciting pirates to help with a good cause if they are willing to change flags. (I assume this is OK to do right, like are we above free agents or no?)
  9. So I did a short video of my folding rig and posted it to reddit pcmasterrace. Maybe you will enjoy this as well, it's the machine that pumps out my numbers. It's a zero information video but it might cause some amusement here. https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/ofazed/i_might_as_well_at_least_commit_to_this_if_i_am/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
  10. So it is targeted to be 116 degrees Fahrenheit today, normal is closer to 75 degrees here in Portland Oregon. On the local power grid they are already claiming that it is likely to have rolling black outs. I don't need a melty failure so I guess I shut down for a day or two. Good luck everyone. Tim
  11. I turned on beta, it got me some work units but I am at less than half of normal now.
  12. So my pair of 3090's are sitting idle unable to get a work unit right now... but my GTX 1030 that I recently purchased just to give me more monitor outputs is rocking a 400,000 atoms size job expected to finish in 3 days. Like what? 23:17:54:WU01:FS02:Connecting to assign1.foldingathome.org:80 23:17:54:WARNING:WU01:FS02:Failed to get assignment from 'assign1.foldingathome.org:80': No WUs available for this configuration 23:17:54:WU01:FS02:Connecting to assign2.foldingathome.org:80 23:17:55:WARNING:WU01:FS02:Failed to get assignment from 'assign2.foldingathome.org:80': No WUs availa
  13. So how do I get information on HFM? The website gives a connection timeout 408 error if I follow the link in your signature line; and searching the URL info from your hyperlink is talking about Canadian air force retention policy, painting miniatures, or study of super nova... (all cool but) I am coming up pretty dry here. I value your feedback really highly so I am trying to follow what you are saying but I am lost.