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  • Birthday May 13

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    Depends who's asking
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    Powerboats and planes
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    The wires connecting my PC have more value then the car I drive
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    Sailing Instructor / Theatre technician


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600 4.1ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus B350+
  • RAM
    16gb 3000 vengeance
  • GPU
    Zotac 1070
  • Case
  • Storage
    350gb of ssd, 1.5tb hdd
  • PSU
    750w corsair
  • Display(s)
    2 shitty 21.5" off eBay
  • Cooling
    CM liquid lite 240
  • Keyboard
    corsair strafe RGB
  • Mouse
    MX master
  • Sound
    Logi z623, logi g933
  • Operating System
    10 pro

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  1. YaBoiWill

    a lady asked me out for a drink/movie. (ladies help please)

    suggest somewhere, they will always say no and suggest another place. Then go there. Found thats a more simple method than asking outright. Everyones a winner, as long as it doesn't cost a months wages Also, I normally wear a shirt that has a collar, but looks really casual, and is comfy af. theyre sort of like what Alex wears at LMG. see if you can find a good common interest with her, like watersports, that way you can spend more time with them, and you get to show off how amazing you are at that particular thing
  2. YaBoiWill


    @79wjd I only like the mini for the form factor, as I can put it into the leg pocket of some work trousers, but its big enough to watch stuff on the tube but not to big either. Thats the only thing I like about them
  3. YaBoiWill


    I'm sceptical tbh, it doesn't seem like something apple would do. Although, they did have the backlash about slowing the OS "to conserve batteries" so it does make sense. I'm happy on 10, I don't use it enough to justify wasting the data to update it
  4. I've seen how quickly wanna cry, memes and many other virus take hold. I do it in VM's when im a bit board and it is funny, unless its actually happening to your proper PC
  5. YaBoiWill


    Im still on iOS 10 I think and mine is still as it was when I got it. Or maybe I have the mini three, its hard to tell. Parents on the other hand are now regretting going to 12 as it just tanks their one, which is the main purpose to get them to buy a new one
  6. If its memez then you don't really have a leg to stand on as it removes registry that let windows boot.
  7. YaBoiWill


    They could just modify their "new" design into the 8" FF, and keep the same sized bezels as before with the same screen, there is loads of space for them to put the NFC charging stuff that it needs. Thats my opinion, I think they're just trying to squeeze a few more years of life out of the machines that make the chassis, and making products that will make them more profit
  8. YaBoiWill


    Oh and reading the fine print its only the first gen pencil that the mini supports. Even better hey, why not make it current?
  9. YaBoiWill


    So cutting through the marketing BS the only thing I really notice that is different on the mini is that it now supports the pen. Wow fuck me sideways I better go and spend money replacing my one immediately, I like the size of them, but I won't use half the features, as I'm not going to spend £100 on a pencil thing that just looks stupid, I have a laptop for making plans on. But actually the price appears to be the same as the current one, so at least that's a good point. Overall I'm unimpressed, My dads original mini put next to this one, and unless you started to use them you probs wouldn't notice an aesthetic difference, apart from about 4 years of use.
  10. YaBoiWill

    Can Macbook overlockable?

    They thermal throttle at their stock speed in a cold environment. It would be a waste of time for the 3 seconds that it would run at that speed before down clocking again
  11. YaBoiWill

    Ongoing audio crackling

    @toxic_egg Don't use the crappy splitters, they are just awful. Plug them directly into your case/mobo
  12. YaBoiWill

    5mw lazer dangerous?

    Get some laser googles first before you start refracting out the laser. It is hard to say as I don't know how it will pass through the diamond and how many new refractions will come from it. As mentioned above many lasers will have a sticker to make it legal to sell, whether it actually relates to the output is something to be seen. Most of them have a little screw on the mainboard to adjust the output, IK from experience
  13. Only if it's done through apple through, Not all subscriptions will be done through this, some might be done through spotify itself, through their phone contract (Like me as its included), and though google. IMO it sounds like everyone is just thinking that they have one income stream, which is £7 per subscription after apple takes its cut. But its not, as many customers are not doing it though the App Store. Something to bear in mind
  14. YaBoiWill

    Do over ear headphones cause hearing damage at low volume?

    Thats the easiest advice to follow that I always forget about when people ask me about things like this.
  15. YaBoiWill

    Do over ear headphones cause hearing damage at low volume?

    Considering that in one venue we had 6x1200w subs that we tested at their highest output and frequency that they produced it (IDK what it was I wasn't really involved) And that peaked at about 104db. The overall average for that concert was 102db, and my ears are still fine, its not really a big deal as many headphones won't go near 85db in normal usage