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    my name is james timmons,im a disabled computer freak! i have agoraphobia which makes it hard for me to go out anywhere but i manage somehow,i also have hip degenerate disease which makes it hard for me to walk for extended times but i manage,i live off of a disability check so building a pc takes me years usually by the time i have the money everything i wanted is out of date,so nowadays i just dream of having a nice gaming machine,but reality makes it only that,,,a dream,i love Linus he has sorta the same attitude i have and every video is a treat to watch.
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  1. i have an idea or video suggestion!! how about a vid about whether a full mono block on a motherboard is better or worse temps than having just a cpu block,seems like monoblocks that cool VRM and even Chipset would not be too good as a cpu cooler specially if overclocking.
  2. Anyone remember those silver plated fittings that when used with distilled water you didnt need any type of additive? i cant remember who sold them and you could get a whole set of them man i wish i could find them.
  3. ok so i already have an amd x570 motherboard,its the gigabyte aorus master (nice board got it on sale) soo the dilemma is what cpu to buy? i plan on gaming mostly but also going to be editing 1080p and later 4k video for youtube,i would like a machine that can at least edit/encode vids at least within a few hours i.e same day,i say that because the machine i have now takes 2 days to encode 4k lol and i want to be able to provide content on a daily basis....i really want the 5000 series but as everyone knows the darn things are super elusive unless you pay 100$ more,like i can buy a 5800x for 5
  4. Budget (including currency): 1500 u.s dollars for cpu only Country: usa Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: gaming in 4k,and 1440p also lots of video editing.game streaming Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): already have a 3080 gpu,already have a case,PSU,Ram,and drives so im on the fence as to what cpu i should get im going AMD no matter what but theres 3 options,3900xt,3950x or 3960x,thats w
  5. hello guys at LTT i found this ssd drive that seems amazing and thought you guys might want to grab one and review it or scrutinize it? i dont know but they say its an "intelligent" drive with machine learning or some junk lol here is the link... https://www.enmotus.com/fuzedrive would love to see a vid about it thanks!
  6. i can say for sure they make there blocks with nickel plated copper and there rads are copper brass,there fittings are pretty good also and cheapest on the market,youll be fine using them,i have corsair mixed with bykski on a side rig and my main rig has bykski and ek stuff mixed both are doing great!
  7. yeah i was thinking that also so will wait i think on that,i went to this place that supposedly calculates bottlnecks when you punch in cpu and gpu,apparently a 2080 super will bottleneck my 6700k and i just got the game shadow of the tomb raider so i put in my 1440p settings and tried gaming....wow this 980ti is stuttering a little scenes look choppy and not fun to play at all, i think its time to just upgrade specially now with the 1200$ stimulus money were getting lol
  8. yeah i think im going to just grab a 2080 super and see how it goes,the motherboard im using is fairly new,i replaced a z170 with that z270 only a few months ago,got a great deal on it lol...i may even go ahead and get faster ram just to have in case i do upgrade later maybe a 3700mhz kit,i already have great nvme m.2 storage so nothing else to upgrade other than cpu really after that.
  9. so im still on the fence,i was going to just build a whole new computer,than i was thinking hmm should i? i currently have a 6700k paired to a 980ti with 32gb 2666mhz ram on a very nice z270 Asus ROG Maximus IX Extreme,all custom water of course lol....Or should i just upgrade the gpu to say a 2080 super and call it a day? All i do is gaming however i am looking into creating a youtube channel,so streaming and light editing most likely,until i can get proper gear for the channel.....and another problem is i simply cant decide if i do build all new to go with AMD or Intel....9900k would give b
  10. heres a great idea! with all the covid-19 scare how about a vid on how to disinfect our computers,keyboards,mice etc.etc.....kinda common sense for me but hey some peeps just need guidance lol....stay safe linus team!
  11. yeah his name is Alex Clark @AlexTheGreatish he is like there ''engineer" sorta...lol
  12. great idea but problem is whoever's team has Alex will pretty much win,lol
  13. you guys did two great vids on cheap keyboard and mice,so how about two vids on elite or best of the best keyboard and mice for peeps that have more money than they know what to do with?
  14. a good video idea would be to explain in more depth the different ssd variants,not just m.2,nvme,sata but also go into differences of mlc,tlc,slc,emlc,qlc,and 3dnand,2d nand,and maybe also go into the controllers of which is fastest and so on,i know for me when i was shopping for a new m.2 drive the research i did was extensive and there is soo much to know about.
  15. you guys should do a New Ultimate RGB build since now theres RGB ssd's RGB 24 pin and 6pin wires,and well everything that was RGB is now better RGB with the introduction of Addressable RGB,maybe even throw some EL wire in the mix LOL,Even more Ultimate RGB Build!!!!