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  1. So at work we were doing some maintenance, usually around this time of year when pantos are finishing up or have a few days off... In theatre land we deal with lots of power, and use a decent amount of 3 phase. I love this stuff, it makes me feel happy in side. During the show run, one of our 400 amp cables got run over by a genie and decided it didn't want to work, this is a critical power line as it runs a load of dimmers, which in turn make the lights work. So we decided to replace a bunch of that circuit and others that looked like they needed some TLC. The thing abo
  2. I used Turnitin, but it was through my college so I don't know if anyone can just use it
  3. He knows now. we now have a company policy (as im currently on a tour) that only certain people are allowed to do patching and be in the dimmer room of the venue. I did spend my lunch hour with him showing and doing 3 phase socket wiring, along with 15 amp. The more you know! he will probs never use that info, apart from don't jam a finger into a socket.
  4. Seen someone today in the dimmer room (Where we patch dimmed power lanterns (15 amp)) He's a new kid learning the ropes, I think he was on placement We have 3 x 3 phase power (64 amps) that come into the room where we can plug the dimmers into. Someone asks him to plug dimmer rack 3 into no3 socket on the wall. (pretty normal request in a theatre) These bad bays are a bit of a tight fit and take a good push to get them in. he doesn't know this, so has a look up the female side on the wall, then proceeds to try and get his finger into one of the holes (you can fit a
  5. NGL my sister has some form of an iPad and pencil thing, I did enjoy working on it whilst she let me to quickly design a set for a play at I though of when we were on the train. Would I use it everyday? Probs not, but then again I do like using the surface laptops that we have at work. I would try both in a store, see which one you get on better with
  6. Wow thats high. I have a feeling that you just didn't win the silicone lottery here. Mine is running at 3.8ghz at 1.325V and gets a score of 1350 I think in cinebench (don't know which release, cant remember) It could also be that your MOBO just doesn't have great VRM's to deliver the power needed, although I am far from an expert on that matter I also really only have it at 1.325 because it just gives a bit more stability, but it did work 80% of the time at 1.3v, and probs would do if I wasn't using my PC for work.
  7. Go to your phones shop and they can just port it across with the numbers on the back of the sim. Takes about 5 mins for it to happen.
  8. The altitude that they fly makes it irrelvent, I think the U2 flew at some ridiculous altitude of like 70k ft. Seeing anything that far up with the naked eye is impossible. The paint is also designed to help absorb incoming radiation to try and make it less obvious from the ground. The shape also helps to deflect radar to a different direction, along with cowlings over engines and exhausts to minimise the heat signature.
  9. I have a friend who has a chrome book from acer/asus (can't remember which), but its thin, really light, and its got a touch screen. I don't know if it has pen support, and you will have to use chrome OS unless you want to use whatever version of Linux can be slapped onto it, I think its something like crutonos or some form of manjaro. It was really cheap as well, and he often watches films on it so I guess its ok for content consumption. https://uk-store.acer.com/acer-chromebook-11-cb311-8h-blue That looks something pretty close to it.
  10. Where exactly is the smell coming from, The computer or further towards the wall? It could be the surge protector if it is old, but tbh I highly doubt it unless it is not rated for the amps, idk that much about consumer versions of these things. If it was coming from the PSU, it could just be dust being heated up as the system goes under load and producing the smell, happens if you havnt used a light in a while and its got a bit of build up. Most IEC cables are rated to like 95c so it most likely wouldn't be the plastic shroud around that either. Personally, try a new protec
  11. any form of soluble contaminants like NOX, so2, so3 and many others will dissolve into the water vapour before it falls, along with most likely smoke particulates from nearby vehicles / factories.
  12. That will most likely put people off because its more maintance, more prone to break in shipping/transport, and can have a load of issues if you're not careful with how its done
  13. If the systems have been made correctly and are like some of the add-ons to X-plane like the Zibo mod, then I would def try it out
  14. I was at work today and we have a network share for most of the files that we need to run shows (schedules, plans bla bla bla) Someone was trying to find the script that has the notes for the lighting commands written onto it I.e the script that has the number of the effect or scene written against the line. Only issue is he is trying to connect to the network drive, from the lighting desk. Now, it does have an ethernet cable in the back of it, but this is not internet. It doesn't even have a bloody file system that is available when the desk is running in the event file.
  15. Just keep playing on it, I haven't played in ages but I think hitting F1 or something at the start of the game gives a good range of guns to use. Don't play the bomb diffusing games, do the death-match ones, more action. See if friends at work/social circles also play to game in private matches - bit more fun and helps as they can give tips