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    The Milky Way
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    14 years old, I'm just another random techie, you can be on your way


  • CPU
    Ryzen5 1600 OC @3.8GHz
  • Motherboard
    ASRock B450m Pro4
  • RAM
    2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro DDR4-2666 OC @ 2.8GHz
  • GPU
    PowerColor Radeon RX570 8gb
  • Case
    NZXT H500
  • Storage
    120gb Inland SSD, 1TB WD Blue
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    Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 500w
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    A janky old all in one pc that I re purposed as a monitor
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    3x Coolmoon RGB fans off Newegg; 30$ for a 3 pack, really good for the price
  • Keyboard
    Corsair k63 Wireless
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    Alienware AW958 Elite
  • Operating System
    Arch Linux + KDE [Desktop Environment]

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  1. Did you not read a word I said? It takes 5 minutes at most, and considering this is a whole new OS they will be spending a lot of time setting stuff up. Stop expecting this to be a seamless process; one can't jump OSes in a day and be comfortable. It will take them time to adjust regardless, and the terminal is just part of it
  2. Ah I see, I run Arch and I love customization, so I really care what my DE looks like. Personal preference, I guess
  3. KDE is amazingly smooth and responsive, and I personally love the customization it offers
  4. r/linuxmasterrace will flay you alive. All jokes aside, KDE is much better than GNOME
  5. I'm going to have to cut you off here. Newbies hardly need to put any time into learning commands, all they have to do for basic usage is to look at a few tutorials and they're set. Realistically they can learn the terminal for package management initially and use a GUI for other stuff, like file management. Learning the terminal is a gradual process; you make it sound like a newbie should jump right in and learn everything at once. Some newbies do that (I did, for example, and so did some of my friends), but only those who really want to dive into linux. Some users might choose to leave their
  6. Hate to be the toxic fanboy here, but for most of us, the GUI does suck. The CLI is a much more efficient way to do things, and it's not just that; linux is built around the terminal. No GUI can give you the level of control over your system that a terminal does, and control over your system is precisely one of the things that we love so much about the OS. Using a GUI to do things like install packages just wastes time, for example opening an app store and searching for an application is slower than running something like yay -S firefox The terminal is meant to be a powerful all in one
  7. Lmfao no, we wouldn't get pissed, this would be our chance to meme windows source code
  8. Hmm, thanks for the advice, I'll take a look
  9. We have xfinity so no luck there (awful customer support, as I'm sure you know) As for the second, too late, she knows I was searching and couldn't find any modems inside the price range
  10. I currently have our old modem, the issue is that it doesn't have phone support
  11. We are currently renting the modem from the ISP, but my mom wants to buy one and there's no arguing with her so:shrug:
  12. Hey guys, it's been a while (I've been inactive on this forum ever since I moved to Linux) We recently moved house and our new internet plan requires us to have phone support on our modem. Our old modem was an Aaris Surfboard SB6183 for reference, and we pay for 100mbps on our new internet plan (100ish down, 5up :/). I need recommendations for decent modems in the 40-100$ range that will be able to fully take advantage of our plan. Gaming performance is not a must anymore as I've mostly stopped gaming and have gotten into coding, however my younger brother still plays video games e
  13. I agree, gigabyte BIOS is really awful on the low end by today's standards. I honestly can't recommend the board enough, I see so many people wasting money on x470 boards or expensive b450 boards like the b450 tomahawk when they're running Ryzen 5 CPUs, and that budget could easily have gone into snagging a slightly better GPU or some more SSD storage