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    car wash


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    i7 8700K
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    MSI H370/B360
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    Trident Z RGB 16gb 2666MhZ
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    Nvidea RTX 2060 FE
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    NZXT H500! Smart Edition
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    Samsung Evo 860 SSD 500GB
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    EVGA 850W Gold plus
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    Will chnge Soon gettong a new one sometime.
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    Corsair 1151 i platnum RGB
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    Windows 95...just kidding its 10

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  1. got my nintendo wii up and running but i lost my senser bar so im finding my old gamecube controller does it work with black ops / mw3 ? want to try and see if there is any lobys left XD

  2. Verizon or cricket wireless ? trying to save some money...

  3. introducing new windows 1.0




  4. got my corsair mousepad today bigger then i thought it would be might make some room lol but i do love the feel of good quality and bright rgb that syncs up to my watercooler just fine ^^

    1. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      i got a razer goliathus control , its quite... rough... yet the mouse moves on it like butter

  5. i went ahead and bought the corsair LL RGB series to replace my dull nzxt fans today : D and my corsair rgb mousepad s coming in tomarrow ^^

    1. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      Me too gonna get x6 LL140 RGB and a Commander Pro end of this month

  6. Soo call me crazy but I just bought the Corsair Polaris rgb mousepad xD

  7. *sigh* it’s hard to find the right guy to be with and I don’t trust dating sites <.< 

    1. wANKER


      Tried eBay or Craigslist? 

    2. imreloadin


      Just use the LTT forums, work for a couple of our members xD

    3. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      @imreloadin shouldn't even count... couples forged on the internet like that are super rare

  8. so do i really need a lighting pro node for these 2 fans ?....or is it just some gimmick that they include it.
  9. i havent pre ordered a call of duty game this early...and its really rare for me getting the top price for it... 99.99 , hopefully MW2R will come with the digital version.

  10. yep i made a decision....im saving up for e3 for next time i thought it was going to be people dress up for it (kinda like the furry /brony conventions ) for there favorite games but from LGRs video it looks like just normal excited gamers just talking about games and having fun  !

  11. i need to find a good quality display port cable good enough for 1440p and 144hrz monitor and i think it supports 1.4..
  12. as for cameras no much as long as they are good enough to do facetime / google duos video calls with my parents are iphone users , sure ill miss the imessage but as for screen replacements is soo much cheaper then the iphone xs max's screeen repairs which is another reason im switching.
  13. im trying to decide which one to get for next year since they will eventually go down in price and i cant decide which one to get i like the flat screen on the s10E but i also like the plus size screen XD
  14. do vpns work on forums  ? im sorta banned from a certain forum that i kinda made a dupe account and cant remember the original so its kinda a loss to regain it so i was wondering do vps even work ? (trials) surely a forum would know you used one and can still see your public isp...tried it once they still banned me xD