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About Jerakl

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    Two Tone Rebel
  • Birthday 1998-11-14

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    Not Telling
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    I'm a cook.


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    AMD i7-9590XK
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    MSi FX87-GD65 Gaming AM 1366+
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    G.Skill Sniper 16GB 1866
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    Asus HD 780 DCU II OC
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    Corsair Storm Trooper 780r
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    Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, Samsung HDD 750GB, 2x Patriot Memory Inferno
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    Corsair HX650
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    u2414h and generic 1024p monitor
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    Cooler Master GeminII S
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    KFC keyboard
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    Logitech G502
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    HyperX Sky
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    WindOSX 11.2

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  1. Jerakl

    Donald Trump Wants To "Close up" The Internet

    I would still vote for him.
  2. Jerakl

    Storing electricity in paper

    But can it be written on?
  3. I can post here instead Tell Bloody I said hi.
  4. Jerakl

    Apple announces iPhone 6 and 6S battery pack cover

    They won't make a thicker phone to fit a bigger battery but they'll sell you this monstrosity for 100$? Why Apple, why?
  5. Jerakl

    CliffyB comes crawling back to PC

    Sounds like Scrubnonomous to me
  6. Jerakl

    I WILL QUIT PC Gaming forever!

    Pretty much every game I've ever played has issues. Get used to it.
  7. Drama alert! People keep bumping it. Kinda annoying tbh
  8. I've spent way too much time playing Black Ops 3

  9. To have to restrict freedom is a scary thought, because it means we are not capable of handling it.

  10. black ops 3 review inbound once I stop playing it.

    1. Ramamataz



      Which is never

    2. Jerakl


      Pretty much

  11. Slick actually replied to my PM

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Jerakl


      took him about 2 weeks.

      I didn't know if he saw it or not.

    3. themaniac


      what was it about?

    4. givingtnt


      2 weeks .? lucky you. it took like 3 months to get a reply on why their gs70 was cracked in the back XD

  12. Undermeme I still want it, seems like an aight game. It was confirmed they're playing CoD on console though. If it was halo it would be ok. But CoD tends to attract a lot cringier audience.
  13. Of course! I'm too cool for vidja games. But it was confirmed to be CoD on xbox. In which case I wouldn't really want to take part. I'm rubbish at xbox. +probably get called a fag every time you kill someone. Halo would be alright I guess. Smash would also be ok.