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  1. While I think the game was waaaaay overhyped it still looks cool. Hope they fix most of the skyrim-tier bugs with the day 1 patch
  2. Banned for looking up cursed LTT history I was an edgy boy back in 2015, hence why I was banned for 4 years (is it illegal to state that? I don't want to get banned again). Also watched most of the other legendary members get banned. All has been lost to the sands of time.
  3. can't log in on my main browser :^(

  4. Late night flex o'clock
    Both these people follow me 

  5. What you're referring to is Java's Garbage Collection. I can't tell you the inner machinations of it because I'm still fairly green at Java, but I can tell you more or less how to deal with it. Long story short, you have to hit the sweet spot. Too little RAM and it won't run well, too much ram and GC will go crazy and cause issues. Vanilla MC shouldn't require that much (assuming 1.16), I run modpacks with 230 mods on 6gb with minimal hitching. Optifine is also not great (anymore). Try BetterFPS or Performant. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/performant https://w
  6. Jerakl

    Fallout 76

    I would say go for PC, I don't imagine the controls on console are great knowing how the game plays. It's honestly much better than it used to be, I'd give it a shot (Also steam refund policy if you can't run it or w/e)
  7. I've still got 2 warning points from 2015, I wonder if they'll ever go away 
    There's no thinking emoji. OH SHIT 🤔

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    2. Jerakl


      @Bombastinator oh I was bad alright lmao
      @Bananasplit_00 I thought I vaguely recognized that name. It's been a while. Depending what they were given for they'd expire (I think?). Doesn't matter, not planning on getting any more haha

    3. lewdicrous


      Afaik, some are permanent while others are temporary, but I could be wrong. 

    4. Bombastinator


      I got some that were temporary. Lasted a good long while though.


    Censored everything so I don't get smacked for something.
    This is in no way mocking the admin/mod team and rather is a sarcastic take on things that have happened in the past. I'm a good boy please don't bother me.


  9. Either lego star wars or battlefront 2 on my friends PS3. In terms of my first downloadable PC game, a f2p game called BOTS!!.
  10. someone please reply to this right away and ban me for what I was banned for in 2015.

  11. Banned for not praising Vladimir putin in your signature
  12. Does this make me e-famous


  13. hey. Tl;Dr: idk anyone who plays cod zombies. I'm. looking for people who are down to play across any game. I'm pretty decent but am by no means a competitive 50+ round player. Just play bc it's fun, but would be down to do Easter eggs. I've got BO1, AW, BO3, and BO4. All maps for games mentioned. Prefer official maps but I'm down for quality modded maps on games supported. You can add me on steam here: steamcommunity.com/id/jerakl Or you could just join my general discord server, say smth to lmk you're there for cod zombos. https://discor
  14. The problem with both these is (I think) OP needs to have a good knowledge of what's out there already so that they don't end up putting all their resources into making something that was ALREADY made. The best way to find out what's out there would be experience. I'm by no means a business man, or educated at all really. However I think in this situation if OP wants to design something revolutionary it would be best to get a job in IT, find out what's out there, and through his experience find something that either A) is a niche that could be filled, or B) something that is done poorly tha
  15. Commenting on this for interest as I've just started a degree for comp sci, and interested in potential avenues if my current plan doesn't work out. Also, OP, what did you take? Like focus of study wise.
  16. No drama or problems, just reading. Ofc some of us are too stupid to stay away from compulsively commenting (that's me).
  17. Lurking is the best way to experience forums tbh. Unless ofc, you need help with a specific problem
  18. Laptop, phone, desktop. I'm content with everything I have no, although if I were to start using my laptop more at school I'd probably need an upgrade (good ol 1h battery life).
  19. Still can't login on my main browser :^(

  20. I just snarked someone back who had snarked at me, wonder if that'll catch me a reban.