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  1. Funny that you complain about other doing things like this Amazon yet when you do it theres nothing wrong,
  2. Can you give us a few different Resolution options?
  3. Ok so my sister has come to me looking for a laptop. New or used it doesnt really matter but her budget is $400 cad. I can probably get her to go a little higher but it's pretty stiff right now. I've been looking for a while and need suggestions. She mostly does youtube, and schoolwork on it but if it is capable of light gaming then thats a bonus. Doesnt matter what OS it is as I can change that myself.
  4. Couple old computers, Gameboy colour with a few games, Gameboy Advance SP with Pokemon Sapphire, and an iMac G3
  5. Hahahahaha!!!! Australia.... Considering some of the stuff they have been up to recently trying to get more access into personal data, this is hilarious.
  6. Oooh that actually sounds pretty awesome. I can see quite a few games that would look amazing with RTX properly implemented. If enough of ones that I want to play get done it may convince me to make Nvidia my next gpu choice.
  7. At last count: 20 that work, and however many worth of parts I have currently.
  8. "Resident of the US or Isreal" Well that sucks... I'm in Canada and have 2 accounts that I remember... maybe 3?
  9. Mmmmmmm 



    ...... well shit


  10. Well fuck you too fan.... *quiet mode* my ass


    1. Windows7ge
    2. Ryan_Vickers
    3. Windows7ge


      I could be wrong (I apologize in advance if I am) but I think it was @iamdarkyoshi who has a server fan that can do...what was it...22,500RPM?...might have been someone else. It was a while ago.

  11. Right I need a psu of at least 600w with 2 EPS 8 pin mobo connectors. The mini redundant psu inside my new server is stupidly loud and annoying even with the bios set to fan off idle. Luckily this case can also take a single ATX psu instead so thats what I want to switch to.


    (yes I could try getting a second one of the redundant psus but I highly doubt that would quiet them both down enough to make a large difference and id rather put that money to something I know will work)


    99% chance i'm buying it used so that also helps with the options.


    Any suggestions?


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    2. Windows7ge


      Is that USD? I found it brand new for $137...don't know where you're looking.

    3. 8uhbbhu8


      Was looking CAD, Got a CoolerMaster V750 for now. Soon all the noise will be gone because i'm replacing the fans and adding a fan controller. ESXI and BMC yelling about psu and fan redundancy being lost can suck on it. 


      Only thing is that esxi cant grab most of the sensors for some reason... seems like its not properly supported on this system so i might switch my R710 to it and run this on Server 2016. The ssds in my R710 will be better for the vms anyway although I can't run as many as if I were to upgrade this server to the max.

    4. Windows7ge


      I just use the IPMI (iDRAC) for fan reporting. The server OS's I use don't come with any fan monitoring plugins. I'd have to find and download 3rd party packages none of which are worth it to me.


      Do you know of any good quality ATX PSUs that use 80mm fans on the front/back? I'm going to setup a 2U DAS and that's what the chassis uses.

  12. 👀 Your alive!

    1. Energycore


      What makes you say that?

      My consciousness could have been uploaded to an RTX-based neural network.

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      Thats close enough for government work

  13. Oooo Nice!! I've got an SL300 and its still a real nice old beast.
  14. Ok. But how secure is it? These things are usually pretty damn easy to hijack if theyre not at least fully encrypted.
  15. Alright so a few months ago I bought a Dell MD1200 off ebay. It's worked great until now but as things are changing and moving around I need a replacement for it as it is just far far too loud in its new location. I would prefer a DAS option to just straight up replace it as it's attached to my R710 and quite integrated into everything. Any suggestions?
  16. lol people talking about businesses replacing laptops every year or two. Most replace every 5+ years. A place i'm at now still has c2d laptops in service as standard.
  17. Whelp. AMD has put Intel over the counter.

    1. Schnoz


      16 cores at 4.6 with 70 MB of cache for $500? That's a steal! 

      Intel's comparable solution has a third of the cache, no support for PCIe 4.0 and costs 3 times as much.

  18. AMD 6900 is a series of cards not a single card. If you can get the actual card name then that would help. 4890 was a beast of a card in it's day but now a days its pretty old and it really depends on how high end your 6000 series card is.
  19. Right. What i'm looking for is a portable WIFI signal BOOSTER. Something battery powered that takes the signals it finds and enhances them. Not a router Not an LTE or CDMA booster. Bust a battery powered wifi signal booster. Doesn't need to last very long. Even an hour and a half is more then enough. 

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I feel like it would be possible to do that with an rPI and a battery of some kind...


      Also thanks for reminding me that I followed you, I had honestly forgotten.

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      Hmm With the right pi stuff it might yeah.....



      Hahahahaha! I haven't been on much recently so you havent missed much.

  20. Optimus requires an Intel iGPU and an Nvidia dGPU, as it's an Nvidia product it doesn't work with AMD gpus. Unless AMD started using Nvidia gpus alongside their apu in laptops, I don't think Nvidia would ever make it available for them.
  21. Generally if your on a system that old you don't want to migrate as many things have changed in the time. Your best bet is to completely redo the systems. If you really want to try to migrate directly from 2003, Windows file server migration toolkit 1.2 MIGHT be able to accomplish it. You may have to migrate to 2003 R2 first and then go up the list to the current version of server version by version if the migration tools for each one don't support the earlier ones properly.