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  1. Ok. But how secure is it? These things are usually pretty damn easy to hijack if theyre not at least fully encrypted.
  2. 8uhbbhu8

    Replacement for MD1200

    Alright so a few months ago I bought a Dell MD1200 off ebay. It's worked great until now but as things are changing and moving around I need a replacement for it as it is just far far too loud in its new location. I would prefer a DAS option to just straight up replace it as it's attached to my R710 and quite integrated into everything. Any suggestions?
  3. 8uhbbhu8

    [LEAKED] Intel Gen11 Graphics Lineup

    lol people talking about businesses replacing laptops every year or two. Most replace every 5+ years. A place i'm at now still has c2d laptops in service as standard.
  4. Whelp. AMD has put Intel over the counter.

    1. Schnoz


      16 cores at 4.6 with 70 MB of cache for $500? That's a steal! 

      Intel's comparable solution has a third of the cache, no support for PCIe 4.0 and costs 3 times as much.

  5. 8uhbbhu8

    Amd radeon HD 6900 or Gigabyte Radeon HD 4890

    AMD 6900 is a series of cards not a single card. If you can get the actual card name then that would help. 4890 was a beast of a card in it's day but now a days its pretty old and it really depends on how high end your 6000 series card is.
  6. 8uhbbhu8

    What EXACTLY did Huawei do?

    Be Chinese
  7. Right. What i'm looking for is a portable WIFI signal BOOSTER. Something battery powered that takes the signals it finds and enhances them. Not a router Not an LTE or CDMA booster. Bust a battery powered wifi signal booster. Doesn't need to last very long. Even an hour and a half is more then enough. 

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I feel like it would be possible to do that with an rPI and a battery of some kind...


      Also thanks for reminding me that I followed you, I had honestly forgotten.

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      Hmm With the right pi stuff it might yeah.....



      Hahahahaha! I haven't been on much recently so you havent missed much.

  8. Optimus requires an Intel iGPU and an Nvidia dGPU, as it's an Nvidia product it doesn't work with AMD gpus. Unless AMD started using Nvidia gpus alongside their apu in laptops, I don't think Nvidia would ever make it available for them.
  9. 8uhbbhu8

    Server Migration help

    Generally if your on a system that old you don't want to migrate as many things have changed in the time. Your best bet is to completely redo the systems. If you really want to try to migrate directly from 2003, Windows file server migration toolkit 1.2 MIGHT be able to accomplish it. You may have to migrate to 2003 R2 first and then go up the list to the current version of server version by version if the migration tools for each one don't support the earlier ones properly.
  10. 8uhbbhu8


    So I'm trying to get my domain network to access the internet via the DNS server on the domain controller. The router, and the Asa can access the internet and ping Google. None of the devices from the DNS server back can. Network goes = Internet - ASA - Router - dns/domain controller - other devices.
  11. 8uhbbhu8

    Is this IPS Glow or backlight bleed?

    That is def backlight bleed. And a lot of it too.
  12. 8uhbbhu8


    fiber is being installed a block from me and from what i can see there is a fiber line started down my street. but not totally sure yet
  13. 8uhbbhu8

    How long do you expect your rig to last?

    Had mine about 3.5 years now. Will probably upgrade the ram, cooling and gpu one more time before i go to a new platform. 4790k, 16gbs 1600mhz ddr3 ram, and an RX 480 right now. Maybe max it out to 32gb as my workloads can easily get surpass my 16 right now. Better cooling and i can OC the cpu more, gpu not sure. Maybe that new vega thats being teased coming in the fall.
  14. It depends entirely on the windows version you are using Only Windows SERVER Versions support more then that.
  15. 8uhbbhu8

    Is there gender inequality in IT or cyber security?

    Here's my 2 cents on this gender inequality problem. Generally there's a split because women and men have different interests. If you like something that another gender is going for, sure go ahead and try for it. HOWEVER. Many of these jobs are gender unequal not because of less opportunity but because men and women are just not capable most of the time in certain position. Take construction and heavy industry. It's dominated by men because a lot of the time you are required to lift heavy materials lots of the day, manhandle equipment and machinery around, etc. Not many women are physically capable of that. Sure some are and they are completely happy in what they do and can keep up no problem. Just one example but there are lots of other jobs that are the exact opposite. Men just most of the time aren't suited for them. Now about that pay gap issue. Yes there are tons of stats reported all the time. The problem here is that's all that's reported. Just the pay difference vs hours worked. Nothing is ever said about part time vs full time. Experience in the field. Knowledge of said field in certain capacities, Overall hours, etc. Why should a women get paid the same as a man in the same one when he's been there several years and she is just starting out. FACT. She shouldn't. Same goes the other way around. YET we don't ever hear of that. All we ever hear are of the "Pay gap". No actual facts that are crucial to the stats are shown. You know why? Cause they are trying to spin a story and make a big deal about something. Thoughts here aren't quite finished but i think you get the idea
  16. 8uhbbhu8

    The Pure Solid State Server Build Log

    Oh nice! Glad i followed this a while back or else i would have forgotten about it Looking real good so far. And I am just drooling at all those SSDs. Although I couldn't even begin to consider what I would use to saturate that massive uplink. My 1gb teamed links are more then enough as is XD.
  17. If you live in Canada and subscribe to Spotify Premium ($9.99 CAD), right now they are giving you a Google home Mini along with the other plethora of Premium features they have. https://www.spotify.com/ca-en/premium/
  18. 8uhbbhu8

    Help Bypassing ACPI detection in Windows XP setup

    My guess is XP only supports specific multi cpu configs and if your not running exactly those, it wont work. XP is notoriously bad for that sort of thing. Also possible there is chipset drivers, or other drivers/components that it needs before it can install and without those already added to it, it will just fail. Any possibility of downgrading the bios? OR how about finding a boot file with a newer version of xp. Sometimes having a version with every update and patch it comes with helps in this case and is not just extra stuff to slow it down even more
  19. When you finally get back into mining in ED and make 25mil in one partial run 🤤 Up to this point i had never more then 11mil at one time. mmmm money


    1. imreloadin


      Damn, when did Erectile Dysfunction become a game xD

    2. 8uhbbhu8


      mmmm money


  20. 8uhbbhu8

    Custom Star Wars ATAT case

    Oh My God that is awesome!
  21. Wait...... OMFG YES IT IS!!!


    1. Tech_Dreamer


      that'd be amazing lol.

    2. Schnoz


      *the abode

  22. 8uhbbhu8

    Power supply choice (updated with price)

    @House of Alex Look here for suggestions
  23. 8uhbbhu8

    Server storage

    Only if your going for 2.5" drives. The MD 1200 supports 3.5" drives