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  1. Good to know. My number one concern is build quality, and i have been trying to find out if the build quality issues in earlier batches have truly been fixed in later revisions..
  2. How long have you owned a pair? How would you rate them compared to similarly priced "studio" headphones? Did you get your money's worth with your headphone purchase? Have you ran into any issues with build quality?
  3. I am getting a FLAC capable music player in a couple of weeks, and i was wondering.. (The question has been asked in the title of this post..)
  4. I want closed back headphones or in ear headphones. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll look into it.
  5. Music genres i listen to: Hard rock Metalcore Heavy metal Death metal Alternative rock Deathcore . . . (Basically, most if not all sub genres of rock.. LOL) I currently own the GRADO SR60i (Original), Audio Technica M40X, Shure SRH840, Sennheiser HD 558, FiiO FH3, Westone UM1, Skullcandy JIB. Keep in mind that it will take some time to build up the money to actually purchase what you recommend. I am just asking to get some ideas on what to purchase audio-wise.
  6. I'm 9 days late in replying to this.. Sorry. Just to clarify, are you asking for recommendations for over ear, on ear, or in ear headphones?? Or does it matter?
  7. I am trying to fix an iPod classic thin 160 GB model (figured it would be a fun geek project) Are any of these websites reputable to order iPod parts from? eoe.works (elite obsolete electronics) idemigods.com . . . Thanks to anyone who can tell me if they are.
  8. AKG K361, Audio Technica ATH M40x, Sennheiser HD 559, AKG K275..
  9. The A71 5G is currently $10 a month for 60 months which equals $600 on at&t.. I will keep my options open right now, as reading up on the Pixel 4a 5G is interesting..
  10. Oh yeah.. I completely forgot about the S20 FE. Also, i'm sick of the iPhone. I want something new.. Preferably from the android land..
  11. Thoughts on this phone? (I do not really care about software updates nowadays, or water resistance (Because i am VERY VERY careful with my electronics, such as phones..) When compared to the upcoming 2020 iPhones (which will undoubtedly be equipped with an A14 chip 6GB and a battery capacity nowhere near the 4500 MAH found in the Samsung A71 5G..) I think the A71 would serve me well, as i am not a hardcore power user.. I am a semi-power / heavy casual day to day user. (The $400 to $500 savings with the A71 5G when compared to an iPhone 12 Pro* or iPhone 12 Pro Max* is enough to buy
  12. Is a high refresh rate really necessary? All i can think of is that it drains battery when in use.. Also, android 11 only came out to the public in September, so chances of any other manufacturer having it on any of their phones besides Google is very very slim. . . . Check out the LG V60 if you change your mind about wanting the high refresh rate and Android 11..