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  1. Thought this would be a good thought experiment to counteract consumerism and ewaste. I love LTT because they help people make good buying decisions and Linus himself seems anti-consumerism and pro environment based on a few rants I've seen him make so I'll throw this out to the community he created. If you had to start from scratch to create a collection of technology that meets your needs without having devices that duplicate functionality or end up in a landfill early what would you buy and why? I'll start 1. Linux gaming pc setup with gpu passthrough so I deal with windows as
  2. I intentionally didn't plug in any of the rgb shit. Now it's the only light in my system and it's annoying me. Not Sure if the waterblock/pump/led are powered all by the same cable or not. Is there anyway to disable it without unpowering the pump?
  3. Thanks. I need to power 5 fans total. I have a splitter in there already. I hope I have enough
  4. Damn. I think I have enough fan headers plus a splitter. I'll have to figure it out tomorrow. I've wasted enough time for one night getting it installed.
  5. TLDR got home from work was excited to see my aio from newegg came in. In a rush I just used the sata to 2x 3pin adapter that came in the box and the fans are obnoxiously loud. Is this basically the same thing as if I had plugged the fans in with molex?
  6. I'm on 20.10 right now. It's pretty damn snappy and I enjoy using it but, part of me is like try manjaro or pop os. I used to use arch for awhile but, I don't feel like bothering with that again.
  7. Ordered this for my 3600. https://www.newegg.com/enermax-liquid-cooling-system-liqmax-iii-rgb/p/N82E16835214106?Item=N82E16835214106 I didn't want to spend more than $50 on a cpu cooler for a $200 cpu. Anyway it has a $15 rebate and only cost me $62. But, not sure I want to bother installing it. Should probably be here in the next couple days seeing how I live in the same state as a Newegg warehouse. What you guys think? I literally don't care about rgb and probably won't even hook it up. Should I return it and hold out for something better?
  8. Good to know. I used to use Linux exclusively for the most part back in college when i was mostly a console gamer. I still use windows on my gaming pc because well I don't want to worry about the 20% that doesn't work and I didn't spend money on a gaming pc that only plays most of the games. Recently got back into it when I built a new gaming pc and moved my old one to my bedroom. I'm thinking of getting a 580 or something and playing a few games.
  9. How's the linux gaming? I built myself a new ryzen system for gaming and installed ubuntu on my old machine. Should I get a 580 on ebay or something?
  10. Upstairs setup that used to be my old gaming system. i7-6700 16gb ram 240gb ssd dell 27" 75" display from a few years ago ubuntu 20.10 New Pc I built cause I really wanted an amd system. Ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram 500gb nvme 2tb HDD 1440p 60hz viewsonic panel i got on offerup for $65. Thinking about upgrading the panel gpu is just a 1070 for now
  11. Probably about $50. I should mention I do have a small amp I used to use on my desk before switching from a laptop to a desktop in my room as well as a handful of bookshelf speakers from goodwill but, not sure they'll fit on the desk. I have a receiver I might be able to use as a monitor stand as well.
  12. TLDR I'm very limited on desk space and forgot that my monitor doesn't have speakers. I don't really like headphones for a desk setup. Any small speakers you can recommend?
  13. TLDR what's the absolute best desktop Linux setup for people who know they are unable of focusing on one thing very long and keeping them foccussed? I feel it might be a fun challenge to try
  14. Like I just got this ram which is kinda the color of the ocean and the pena colada song stuck in my head. DO you like pc colada? Anyway any cases that would look pineappley? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NKYM62D/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1