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  1. Bedroom setup. Tempted to throw a gpu in it to see how linux gaming is but got a windows box on the other side of house
  2. Yeah my pfsense box/switch is pretty much directly below the existing ap. Not sure I want to be running cable across the house. Main room I use it is pretty much directly below.
  3. Long story short I picked up a nighthawk at goodwill the other day. I used that to replace my trusty Asus router running in AP mode. Everything for the most part is wired and I even have 70% signal strength in the basement. Most everything I care about is wired already but, I have it lying around already setup as an AP. It would take me about 30 seconds to deploy it but, I'm worried it would overlap too much with my existing AP. Would it be better to have 1 AP if I can get away with it? Actual routing is done on a pfsense box.
  4. I think there is still a freegeek in Chicago which is maybe an hour from me. Might look into that. Don't want to ship it across the country otherwise I'd be all over it @Schnoz
  5. Fair enough. Found a sound card and put it on craigslist for $50. Kinda tempted to hook it up to my receiver and then find a way to remote control it from my phone. But, that's probably overkill right?
  6. Found at goodwill for $4 and gave up on it for months because it wouldn't boot from USB. Anyway decided to dust it out fuck around wifn the bios and get it going. Pulled an amd 6450 or something out of a c2d dell and installed xububtu 20.04 setting it up to function in a familiar way for windows users and left a note on the desktop to help change password and a basic intro to Ubuntu. I don't really have a use for it I think I'll donate it to goodwill again and maybe they won't pull the USB wifi card from the back I compiled the driver for the person who ends up with it. Throw in keyboard/mouse
  7. This is my new favorite setup. All second hand or recycled from stuff lying around. Thinkpad for $100 with an upgraded screen and ssd. Docking station for $25 bucks or so on Amazon, TV that a family member used to use prior to large tvs being affordable basically $20 at goodwill, some Sony speakers for like $5 at goodwill,a trackball mouse for rsi,and a cheap amp to power the speakers. All on a desk pulled from the side of the road. What do you think? Better speakers?
  8. Ah ok. So it should still work though if going from nvidia to nvidia or amd to amd? And even if it's amd to nvidia the noveau driver at the very least would load?
  9. The linux kernel itself has lots of drivers built in right? So a simple reboot to load the correct one (irrelevant if turned off to do the upgrade). I've had wifi not work on linux out of the box before but, always at least got a video display no matter what hardware I've used in the last 12 years. I would attempt the upgrade but, first make a screenshot of your settings and a list of apps. After that it's not really that big of a deal to reinstall the os when most of the stuff you need is included and the rest is just "sudo apt install or pacman -S etc"
  10. I have a desktop with linux on it and another desktop with windows 10 on it. Just playing around to be honest and I know the problems can be solved. Just not sure I want to solve them but, having a laptop where the notes i take on my phone and the reminders i set myself on my phone are just there is pretty nice. Then again my phone is sitting next to me
  11. Time and effort vs benefits/drawbacks? Like I can install say ubuntu lts on the device, my wifi will work everytime. Stuff is bound to break eventually leading to more frustration etc and I don't really use any apple specific software. It also has stuff that annoys me like multitasking seems like it would be a pain in the ass. I just spent like a week perfecting my linux install and tiling is super nice to have. Not even as good as windows in that regard. Then again might be better for my ADD to focus on a single task. Just gotta work out the bugs and snowed in today. Might need to buy a diff
  12. Managed to get it on my laptop working just fine but, sleep doesn't work yet, audio doesn't work yet, and it won't even stay connected to a wifi network it sees. I don't really know if I want to invest hours of my life fixing something that offers me no real tangible benefit other than learning a new os. It is pretty i'll give it that but, the dock is a mess, i don't know if I'll ever get accustomed to the keyboard shortcuts and I'm not quite sure I like apples handholding, Only reason I really put it on there is imessage but, to be honest it's not that big of a deal to just respond to message
  13. Yeah I actually tried it on my laptop. Took about maybe 10 minutes to get a working desktop using a very simple tutorial. Ended up giving up when screen resolution was way off because didn't feel like spending too much time on it though all i really needed to do was figure out how to use xrandr which I used years ago.
  14. Considering installing it on my thinkpad for a change of pace. Do they have linux ports and stuff?
  15. Can you not still find a 580 for $100 on ebay?