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  1. Honestly most of the mods listed on here range from silly to dangerous. They typically overheat because the tim used between the die and ihs has dried up. Replacing this has a very high chance of bricking your console.The fan curve relies on reported temperature, so unless something is wrong with the console or you hardwire the fan it is not going to run cooler. You may get it to stay quiet for a second longer. Honestly just use it until it breaks and have it reballed by a reputable shop when it does. Have them replace the tim under the ihs with something quality and request that they dont glue the heatspreaders back down for easier maintainence in the future.
  2. If you want a personal opinion they are not powerful enough to use with a windows environment for a htpc.
  3. You need a driver board to use a laptop screen as a monitor. They are model specific, so you will need the model of the display to find one. They are expensive and the end result is kind of sketchy at best. Better off "recycling" the display and buying a cheap second hand monitor in almost ever scenario.
  4. I really have nothing to prove here. I have experienced far too many failures with the last few flagship phones I have purchased. In order for a phone to make financial sense to me it needs to last 2 years with no failures. The last phone to manage that for me was the iphone 4. I'm done, will be buying the cheapest phone available when this s9 craps out again. It seems like you like these "features" which is fine, buy the new phone support the company and enjoy.
  5. If the games it comes with are physical games that you would play that is a great deal. Digital games wouldn't be worth the hassle. Supposedly the series x is going to have no console exclusives for the first year, so why not get an xbox one.
  6. Simple, putting one in the middle of the screen interferes with the function of the screen. Putting a big camera module protruding from the back interferes with basic functionality such as putting it in a pocket. As for breaking cameras, it is a relatively common failure. With cameras having large glass lenses and sticking out from the phone they are often the first point of contact during a drop and if you have to do any physical work with a phone in your pocket they are incredibly easy to break with or without a case.
  7. It's less about the quality of the camera and more about the fact that they are putting so many cameras in phones now that it interferes with functionality and durability. It has been the first thing to break on my last few phones, and they are always in a case. And any hole, notch, or other intrusion on the screen is an absolute hard pass from me. This will likely be my last flagship phone.
  8. Every phone generation keeps getting further and further away from what I want in a phone and it seems to be a common sentiment. I notice that more and more people are keeping their phones longer not only because there aren't any enticing features, but to avoid these dumb design decisions. I barely care that my phone has a camera, I sure as heck dont care about a selfie camera or having multiple cameras.
  9. Almost anything with recent mid level specs can do what you want to do. I would go to a store or mall and try all the mobile keyboards you can out and base your laptop decision off which one you can type the fastest/most comfortably on if you plan on doing alot of programming on it. Side note I tried to make it through school with a Lenovo flex, and probably could've made it work despite the lowish specs, but the awkward miniature layout of the keyboard made programming classes painful (literally) and composition classes near impossible.
  10. I get the feeling that they designed this intentionally so that it will not sell well with it's intended audience. If trends keep going the same way I will be buying a cheap xiaomi or comparable and swapping out once a year when it breaks.
  11. I use the ps2hdmi adapter with great results. I will throw this out there though backwards compatible ps3s are getting easier to find and do a much better job.
  12. I find it funny anyone would go through a procedure to play a game. No game is worth that much hassle.
  13. I would love to see most of the new phone trends stop. Honestly if things keep going the way they are my next phone will be a cheap prepay nokia. The notch is insufferable. It triggers me. I will not own a phone before I own one with a notch. Curved glass sucks. Any extra real estate is wasted. All glass phones suck. Far too fragile. On that point there is no phone on the market right now that is tolerably durable. Not being able to change the battery in my phone is another insufferable effect of the new phone trends.
  14. Chromebooks aren't really useful once you are outside of grade school. They dont do anything well. You can buy a 5-6 year old laptop that will easily outperform most chrome books. You could put a lightweight linux distro on it and make it work for light tasks, but honestly anything a chromebook can do I can do on my phone with a 5 dollar bluetooth keyboard.
  15. What are you doing that your laptop will be out of your eyesight unattended? Common sense and keeping your laptop on your person at all times on campus will do you more good than a cheap piece of vinyl.
  16. With the current trends in quality control 1-2 years tops before its basically not useful as a laptop. 3-4 years before its worthless.
  17. Just curious why you link this post? It leaves alot of good pastes out and includes some that pump out rather quickly. There used to be a post that had rather scientific data about the most popular pastes and their resistance to the pump out effect in bare die applications. I cannot find it anywhere. That being said on a bare die viscosity is everything on a laptop. The thicker it is the longer it lasts pretty much. Also with most manufacturers they consider replacing the Tim self damage and void the warranty. Lastly 60c is pretty average. Alot of laptops will not ramp the fans up until 55-60 to keep audible noise to a minimum. If it bothers you use Asus cooling over boost to change the fan curve before making any changes.
  18. I pretty much needed the same thing. My budget was about half of what you have. I ended up with an Acer nitro 5, but given a higher budget definitely would have gone with something out of the thinkpad line. Just a word of advice from experience. Do not go "thin and light". I tried using my msi gs63 and it was so loud the majority of my teachers would not allow it in the classroom, and this was with basic note taking and browsing. Under load most thin and lights sound like a jet engine taking off.
  19. Kryonaut and nt-h1 dont do well in low mounting pressure. They pump out very quickly. How do you like the master gel? It's in my list but haven't tried it yet. Ic diamond is very good for longevity and ceramique is as well. Ceramique often gets looked over, but it performs well and lasts forever.
  20. Stick to older (2012 and older) titles and indie games.
  21. Why support a company that uses anti consumer policies when there are other options?
  22. As for the indebted thing if it is not for school or work, basically any purpose where it will be an investment, then yeah very dumb. As for the laptop wait for reviews. My personal opinion is not to support Huawei. Also thin and light laptops are great for web browsing, notes, and office tasks, but they cannot dissipate heat. A high spec thin and light is a waste of time and money unless you like sitting in xtu and seeing it say thermal limit.
  23. Don't expect a huge price drop on a desirable model. Manufacturers have time to sell their current stock before releasing new models. Don't expect a huge performance jump with the new mobile GPU's. The mobile market has pretty much hit a brick wall with thermals. The new rtx cards are even performing vastly different between models. Get what you need when you need it. No matter how long you wait the second you take it home it is out of date.
  24. Selling used items really comes down to the market around you. That being said netbooks in my area dont sell. You can recycle them or pawn them off on a younger family member. Every time someone posts one is sits for months until they give up.
  25. It would be more likely to sell if it was complete. If you do part it Ebay is usually easiest for weird parts. Ram and screen will sell quick for next to nothing. The motherboard will sit until someone needs that exact model.