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  1. Hello.. These are on every single page.. some of them are links and others are just text. Is there a way to remove them from the document?
  2. Budget (including currency): IDM Country: Kerguelen Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: just some colin dirt games, gta, mafia, max payne and home-office use. Other details For 1080p single monitor... Gigabyte H410M S2H Intel Core i7-10700 Noctua NH U9S 2x8GB Corsair DDR4 2133Mhz 1 WD Black 2TB Asus TUF 1660 Super Seasonic 650W gold Some cheapo case. What do you think?
  3. Hello., I need to change the hard drive but I don't want to install everything again. Is not really a new one, but just a spare 2.5" Seagate from an old laptop. I'm using a WD1003FZEX now and want to retire it temporarily after 29500 hours. The Seagate is a ST320LT007. These days I only use the pc for office tasks and web browsing. So how do I clone the W7 installation, what programs should I use?.. And also what do you think of going from a WD1003FZEX to a ST320LT007 xD..! thanks...
  4. Maybe overclocked versions last less time.
  5. Hello., What gpu do you recommend under $210 I was looking at these.: amd 5500xt and gtx 1660, or what other model is better? amd or nvidia it doesn't matter.
  6. Hello..! I have a 7 year old desktop and recently the gpu died.. I was thinking that since I’m not a heavyweight gamer, a gaming laptop would be enough and also bc I like that it is easy to move around, no cables, no big case, monitor, etc.. So I’d like to know how prone are these laptops to have hardware failures and is it a lot more complicated than on a desktop?
  7. I was thinking that maybe the game is too modern to be attempting to play it at that resolution...
  8. When I accepted the settings the game crashed, the Windows desktop was messed up with a 1600x900 resolution that the monitor doesn’t even have! Then I tried to change the resolution back to 1366x768 but it wasn’t there.. the monitor name was not showing up either.. I restarted and nothing changed, I reinstalled the drivers and didn’t fix anything.. I connected the monitor to the intel HD4000 output and that’s what I’m using now. The graphics look good again and the monitor model is detected. I cleaned the gpu and replaced the thermal paste cuz I read that it could be dust.. But no.. it is in t
  9. I know that the card is almost 8 years but it has never been put under a lot of stress, overclocking or long hours of gaming. I also had an ati radeon 128mb years ago and it lasted for like 15 years and it was still good when I trashed it!.
  10. Hello..! So after installing and launching the game I was on the graphics settings adjusting the resolution to 1366x768 for a small 15.6" monitor, the game crashed right when I accepted the changes and that was it. Everything was fine before that. I'm sure that this f.. game WRC8 somehow killed my gtx 680.. For me is too much to be a coincidence but I'd like to know your opinions..