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  1. I will definitely try that! Thanks! To be clear, I'm not 100% sure they're dangerous, they're just a bit scary. When really pushing the GPU, HWinfo reports the memory junction temp consistently above 100C. I think improving airflow will help because if I make my room like 5C, opening all my windows and putting a fan, mem temps drop to around 95C. This is also with the side panel off which likely both helps and hurts. I feel like just getting better airflow in general will help. Edit: I chatted with Nvidia support and they assured me that anything below 110 is fine and that
  2. Hey everyone, I was recently lucky enough to get a 3080FE. It's great, but it's HOT. I think it's time to upgrade my fans/add a few. I haven't added any since I built my new gaming pc last year. The case is a 275R airflow from corsair. The stock fans are eh, pretty loud and the CFM seems to be pretty low. I tried to do some research but all I've come away with is that the A12x25s from noctua are the best. I don't really want to spend $30 x 5/6 on case fans. What would you guys suggest? I have put a picture of the current situation below. As you can see, I'm gifted in Paint 3D.
  3. Hey Everyone, I've been trying to get a 3080 FE for months and finally got lucky on a Best Buy drop. I have had the card for a few days now and it's great. I have only ever had EVGA cards, and I think I remember having to register the card for the warranty. Do I have to do that with Nvidia? I can't find the page to register it if so.
  4. Hey Everyone! I recently upgraded my gpu from a 1060 6GB to a 3070 FE. In doing so, I've added around 100 watts more of heat. I'm looking for advice on which fans I should get to improve airflow and where they should be place. My case is a Corsair 275R Airflow. This is my current configuration: The current fans on the right are the ones that came with the case(a1225m12s). They're a bit loud but seem to do the job. I'm not sure of the model in the back, but it's likely similar. I have an NH-D15 on my 9900k with 1 fan attached because of ram issues(I have an extra 140mm NH-A15 th
  5. Just thought I'd update because I feel like an idiot. When I posted the question, I had not yet picked up the 3070 and was under the assumption that it required two 8 pins for the 12 pin. I quickly realized, however, that it only required 1, so the question was irrelevant. Thanks for the help anyway!
  6. Yes I know, but I already have an 8 pin to two 8 pin run. My question is whether it is okay to use the 8 pin to two 8 pin for the 12 pin adapter.
  7. Hey Everyone! After trying for months to get a 3080, I caved and went for a 3070(still feel very lucky to get one). It's the FE so it has the 12 pin connector. My PSU, a Corsair rm 750x I believe, has a cable that splits into two 8 pins. Is it okay to use that? My current card, a 1060 6gb, uses 1 8 pin but I used the aforementioned cable knowing I would upgrade my GPU in the future(so I have the extra 8 pin just hanging off the end of my gpu in the case right now). I know this might be a really stupid question, but I just want to make sure I'm all good. Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone, I've had my EA8500 for around 5 years now and it's starting to die on me. I have to restart it daily to use wifi and the signal strength is garbage(Like after 1 or 2 walls and/or 20 feet there's nothing). I have been looking for a new router and need recommendations.(I also recently upgraded to gig internet and have 20-30 devices connected) My house is 2500sq. ft. and 2 stories(with a basement but that doesn't matter). I'm looking for a wifi 6 router because I'm starting to purchase more and more devices that can make use of it. Also, wifi 6 is relatively new and
  9. Yea I think you recommended them to me. I want to like them so badly, because they feel more quality than the astros. Could you recommend some music for me to compare the two with?
  10. Hey everyone. After using 2013 Astro A40s for the last 6 years, they finally broke. After asking around on here, I was recommended the Beyerdynamic TYGR 300r. They came yesterday and I have been using them since, probably around 10 hours of use so far. I have a few observations/questions. I'm struggling to find MASSIVE differences between the two. I'm starting to think maybe there's something wrong with my ears. With all the massive talk about how "gaming" headsets are garbage, I thought there would be big differences? Is there something I'm missing? Where should I be looking for d
  11. Coopermar

    Which Port?

    Yea they're only on Beyerdynamic's website. I was recommended them instead of the 990s because I was told they require an amp at 80hms. These are supposedly reworked 990s and only 32ohms.
  12. Coopermar

    Which Port?

    Ok thanks. I realized now that the cable is a bit short. Would plugging it into the front IO cause issues/less performance?
  13. Coopermar

    Which Port?

    Hey everyone, I just purchased Beyerdynamic 300R Tygrs. I have been using astro a40s for the last 6 years so I'm excited to see the difference. I just realized, however, that my motherboard has a bunch of 3.5mm ports on the back and am unsure which to use. This is my rear IO Picture. I want to make sure I'm using the one that will give the best quality. Thanks.
  14. Do you know if the 300r's use the same size/softness ear pads that the 990s do?
  15. Oh I see, and you think I'd need an amp with the 80 ohm version of the 990s? I have the ALC1220-VB audio "card" on my motherboard.