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  1. @Electronics Wizardy thanks for your help with this project
  2. We are comfortable without the support as we have an IT guy. At minimum 4TB of usable space Ok sounds good Our IT guy wanted to use a RAID card so we had to go with SATA SSDs instead of NVMe or PCIe. I don't think we are running any VMs. Why windows server? I doubt we'd use the features and its very expensive. No I was thinking about using trunking to set the 4 ports as one link to our switch so we'd have 4 gig instead of 1 I think our IT guy wants RAID 1 but we have a backup server (the old one) so I don't think we need RAID 1 I think RA
  3. @Electronics Wizardy @Aragorn- @Jarsky @AndreiArgeanu Update: We are not going with a pre-built server. Instead, I am custom building a computer that we can use as a server. Now I also have more of an idea what it will be used for. In addition to hosting their QuickBooks files, this will also be a NAS for all their BOL and shipment information, it will hold their Inventory information, and it will also be used as storage for all the computers in the offices Documents. I was thinking this for the specs: CPU: Intel Core i5-10400 2.9 GHz 6-Core Proc
  4. They are doing pretty basic office work, but the IT guy insisted we get the Dell PowerEdge T440 with the 12 core, 48 thread processor with 64GB of RAM. I spec'd out exactly what he wanted and he asked for 10-gig SFP+. They host their own quickbooks server, maybe their own website also. @Aragorn-
  5. They use quickbooks but like to host it locally only.
  6. It has to be brand new and we need it fairly quickly. But I would 100% agree if it was for myself.
  7. They use Dell for everything, the server, the router... Current switch is an HPE OfficeConnect 1420 Series though. I was thinking about the Dell N1500 but they didn't have any in stock until August which is too far from now.
  8. Recently a family member got a new server for their business with a 10-gigabit SFP+ NIC in it. Do you guys have any recommendations for a 10-gig SFP+ switch with gigabit ethernet ports? Would like to be under 2 grand. Needs at least 16 gigabit ports. Thanks for anyone's advice.
  9. @Electronics Wizardy @AndreiArgeanu Do you guys have any recommendations for a 10-gig SFP+ switch with gigabit ethernet ports? Would like to be under 2 grand. Needs at least 16 gigabit ports.
  10. Good point. I am definitely going the path of the 3080's instead.
  11. @Electronics Wizardy Ok sounds good for the desktops - They don't move their computers so no need for laptops. I honestly don't know much about their current server setup other than that their using windows server, its a Dell T310 and that it has a Xeon Processor. I will be talking with their IT guy tomorrow and I believe the reason I am spec'ing these out is because the IT guy charges for every call he gets and he's expensive. So only having to use him for the actual setup of the serer is what he wants to do. Otherwise I honestly have no idea.
  12. I have recently been assigned the task of updating my uncles business' computers and storage server. Their current computers are from 2013 and the server is from 2011 and this year they finally decided that the crashes made it so they couldn't work efficiently anymore. They have about 7 or 8 employees working there. For the new desktops I picked Dell OptiPlex 3080 Micros. I was between the OptiPlex 3080 Small Form Factor and the Dell OptiPlex 3080 Micro but picked the Micro because it was $10 cheaper per system and we don't need DVD drives so I figure why waste the extra space. Are
  13. I tried using regular VGA cables with a coupler, and no luck. Yes, one end needs to be female, and the other end male. Good idea, I will look for compatible cables. All 15-pins on the KVM are in use because 9 of the pins are used for video 4 are used for usb and the other two are used for audio. I just emailed them, that is a really good idea.
  14. Thanks for your help, but those cables are regular VGA and not extensions, or do not make use of all 15-pins, only 9.