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  1. Hello everyone, i am really struggling on choosing a pc case for my new build and was wondering if i could get some help. i have a few cases in mind(Phanteks P600s, Phanteks P500a DRGB, Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh) however i do not know whether i should go for one of these cases or whether i should go for something else. To help, I would like something which looks gd with rbg fans etc, has good airflow and isnt by Cooler Master. reasoning is that i hate their logo and do not want a case with their logo on it. Ik I might sound picky but in the past i have bought components which havent looked very g
  2. Hello everyone, i have a strange one for you today. So recently i was talking to my friend and we were talking abouyt our pcs etc and i went into task manager and it told me i was running at 4.3 ghz. I can tell you now i have never overclocked my cpu, and ngl i dont rlly know how to. I installed some other CPU software to make sure it wasnt false readings and CPU-Z also told me it was running at 4.3 ghz. has anyone else had this happen to them. Also i am running with the stock cpu fan so idk if this is false readings or whether it is actually running at 4.3 ghz. if so should i turn the cpu spe
  3. Hello there everyone. Could anyone tell me if there is any antivirus software that doesnt install or ismalware on your computer. If not i think that Windows defender will do ust fine.
  4. so i am planning on getting an AIO but i would like to know if water coolers contribute to airlfow in the case as i will am still going to have an air cooled GPU. sorry for lack of punctuation my comma key is broken.
  5. sorry, im still quite new to this stuff thanks anyway.
  6. hi everyone quick question. I know it sounds stupid that i am asking but i cannot seem to find anywhere that says yes or no to whether or not B450M DS3H has support for USB C. it would be of great help if someone could tell me. Thanks George.
  7. well i have a gigabyte b450m micro atx and one of my mates who also builds pcs told me if i was to buy a higher end gpu, which i am going to some time this year, i would want a better motherboard. Also is it possible that having a full atx motherboard for example meaning i will have a larger case will mean i have increased airflow because i will have a larger case. i know this sounds so stupid but i am still kinda new to this stuff.
  8. hmm yes also quickly if i was to buy a new motherboard, and move my cpu from my old motherboard to a new one would i need to do any sort of bios update?
  9. so is it fine for me to game with the side panel off for as long as i want?
  10. so i also tried a default mode and it still gets to stupid temperatures but there is still fps ddrops and skipped frames in warzone?
  11. i only made this one today before i started this page and it was still doin this before hand here is the pic of the one i used prior to this: same for the right fan aswell.
  12. yes the fans spin up correctly i had applied overclock to see if it would change anythin but then changed it back i applied a custom fan curve however i have a aerocool cylone mini it has okayish airflow the cpu and if ambient temp is the same as room temp its 20 degrees celcius.