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  1. also, i just remembered after i shuffled everything around the other day, i cant run my other 4k monitor at 4k because i didnt have a long enough dp lead. and the hdmi will not allow 4k at 60hz
  2. well tbh doesnt seem like a bad idea, ill probably do that, however i did fix it in the nvidia control pannel in the end
  3. erm tbh idk i just like having themm all running at 1080p all the same, cos the AOC one is native 1080p whereas the other 2 are 4k
  4. Hi all im having an issue with my monitor that has just started today and i have no clue why. for some reason it shows the windows desktop only in a small section of the centre of the screen. Basically its not in fullscreen in a way. See image below for a better look. Its not doing it on either of my other 2 monitors either but idk what to do. the first thing i did was try to change res in settings back to its native 4k, that did put it back in fullscreen however i like to run all my monitors at the same res. over the last few months/ yr its ran fine at 1080p but now today has just decided not
  5. i im not bothered as long as it has a keypad and probably tactile switches if i had to choose tbh
  6. Hello all i am looking to buy a new keyboard for around the same price as it would cost for a new controller for a ps5 or series x so around £60-£70. I refuse to pay stupid prices for keyboards like wth the razer Huntsman etc and believe that i should pay around the same price as it would cost for a cotroller for either xbox or PS. Idm whether it is mechancal or membrane i am just struggling to find something good for a decent price point. As long as it will last and is by a somewhat decent manufacturer i dm what it is. Sorry if there are alot of miss spellngs alot f the keys all decded to fa
  7. thank you for the information, i was planning to run a vm anyway using this, i just forgot to mention it. thank you
  8. Hello all, So recently I had a great idea about connecting up multiple laptops and making some sort of computer for running Minecraft servers, running programs that require CPU, and not GPU. Now I have no idea about how to connect them all up however, I wanted to be able to control them/it from my main desktop. Now I plan to use 4 laptops, all completely the same (don't worry I haven't bought new ones just for this, I am using broken laptops which I have fixed). I plan to remove the motherboards from each laptop, then assemble a frame (sort of like a GP
  9. Hello everyone, i am really struggling on choosing a pc case for my new build and was wondering if i could get some help. i have a few cases in mind(Phanteks P600s, Phanteks P500a DRGB, Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh) however i do not know whether i should go for one of these cases or whether i should go for something else. To help, I would like something which looks gd with rbg fans etc, has good airflow and isnt by Cooler Master. reasoning is that i hate their logo and do not want a case with their logo on it. Ik I might sound picky but in the past i have bought components which havent looked very g
  10. Hello everyone, i have a strange one for you today. So recently i was talking to my friend and we were talking abouyt our pcs etc and i went into task manager and it told me i was running at 4.3 ghz. I can tell you now i have never overclocked my cpu, and ngl i dont rlly know how to. I installed some other CPU software to make sure it wasnt false readings and CPU-Z also told me it was running at 4.3 ghz. has anyone else had this happen to them. Also i am running with the stock cpu fan so idk if this is false readings or whether it is actually running at 4.3 ghz. if so should i turn the cpu spe
  11. Hello there everyone. Could anyone tell me if there is any antivirus software that doesnt install or ismalware on your computer. If not i think that Windows defender will do ust fine.
  12. so i am planning on getting an AIO but i would like to know if water coolers contribute to airlfow in the case as i will am still going to have an air cooled GPU. sorry for lack of punctuation my comma key is broken.
  13. sorry, im still quite new to this stuff thanks anyway.
  14. hi everyone quick question. I know it sounds stupid that i am asking but i cannot seem to find anywhere that says yes or no to whether or not B450M DS3H has support for USB C. it would be of great help if someone could tell me. Thanks George.