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  1. looking to get a white 60% budget mechanical keyboard thats rgb. The best one ive seen so far is the rk61 but thats from the us. is there any good suggestions from the uk that look similar?
  2. just installed my asus rx 480 dual (4GB) and only one fan seems to be running, anyone know why this may be?
  3. what can i do to find out?
  4. I have a Lg Flatron w2363d which is a 1920x1080p 120hz monitor with a ryzen 3200g processor. when i go onto windows and try to change the Hz, the only options are 59 and 60Hz. I then brought a Dvi-D dual link cable to as thats the cable that everyone was getting 120Hz on but im still only getting 59 and 60Hz as an option. Anyone know whats going on?
  5. Is it safe for me to enable radeon boost for fortnite on an amd ryzen 3 3200g without a separate graphics card?
  6. I upgraded my ram to 2x8gb 3200mhz and my fps went from an average of 45 to 108 so thanks alot, but im still getting blue screen crashes now and again
  7. i dont get what that is, it just crashes to a blue screen saying stop code "thread stuck in device drevier"
  8. "system ryzen 3 3200G - MSI B450M A plus max - 2 X 4GB kingston ddr4 32000 KVR (8GB tot.) - ssd NVMe Crucial 500GB P1 NVMe" My bad, i thought it was single
  9. im not sure about during benchmarking but its always between 36-40 C