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Status Updates posted by dizmo

  1. Goodbye fast food and excess sugar. It was nice knowing you.

    1. VenomZ_


      Easier said than done

    2. dizmo


      Haha, especially since there's a McDonald's across the road from work...

      But, I want to get back into shape, and I just feel like ass from the fast food.

    3. VenomZ_


      big agree 

  2. Hmm...'04 S60R?
    The temptation is real.

  3. There's this tune I've found that makes me think of you somehow, and I play it on repeat.


    Until I fall asleep.



  4. The keys to my heart,

    I lost,

    It's fatal.



    @Crunchy Dragon

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      Reminds me a bit of Flux Pavilion. I likey.



  5. The Moto E4 Plus, at $99, is actually a pretty good budget phone. I'm rather impressed. Though, it's slow AF at updating or downloading.

    1. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      My phone slows down a bunch when downloading and updating as well.

    2. TheSLSAMG


      That's probably down to slow internal storage more than anything else. Meanwhile today's high end devices are essentially using PCIe based storage. No wonder phones cost $1000 now.

    3. dizmo


      Haha, yeah. It's just a phone I have as a back up (which I got a week ago, and actually already came in handy when I forgot my phone in a friends car and had to use it to text her), but it's pretty solid for the money.


      Aside from spending an hour or two to update it. One at a time, from 2017.


      Still contemplating a Note10.

  6. Goodbye Logitech switches, hello Cherry MX Reds....though honestly I almost prefer the Logitech switches.

    1. DrMacintosh


      MX Reds are too linear. There is no actuation except for bottoming out. I hear typers like that, but I can't see how that works. 

    2. dizmo


      I can't either, I'm too heavy handed, I always bottom out my keys. I do, however, find them way too light. I think I'd rather have something like a Cherry MX Black.

      Though it's been literally 3 minutes of typing time and I'm already way, way faster than I was on the other keyboard.

    3. Nowak


      Reds are scratchy as hell. Not very smooth.


      A lot of Cherry MX switches are just overall mediocre tbh

  7. Woop woop



    Oldie but so, so good.

  9. Apple 6S or Google Pixel for photography?


    I'll be using them to photograph very well lit clothing, if that matters.

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    2. Den-Fi



      I'll be using them to photograph very well lit clothing

      Asking if this is for like a paid gig.

    3. dizmo


      @Den-Fi Ah, yes in a way. I'd be using it for Poshmark.

    4. Den-Fi


      Ah. I don't think it'll make a ton of difference. Esp since Lightroom exists. Though iOS 13 beta has made me use Lightroom mobile waaaaaaaaaaaay less. Crazy how much they beefed up the editing capabilities.

  10. Hmm. Import a C5 S6 as my next car? So, so tempting..

    1. TheSLSAMG


      Do it. My dream car is a C7 RS6 Avant even though they're not US legal

    2. dizmo


      Yeah, those are super nice. Luckily Canada doesn't have as strict import laws as the US, and cars only have to be 15 years to be eligible for import. 

  11. To those that bitch about eBay fees:



    Why don't you just increase the starting price of your listing to reflect the added fees? Seems pretty obvious.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jtalk4456


      since the ebay fees are a percentage, the amount you would add would be proportionally noticeable.

      As far as I am aware, ebay fees are 10% of the final sale price PLUS Shipping, so regardless of the cost of the item, you need to add a bit over 10% to the cost to recoup, and 10% of any item is a noticeable price increase for the consumer

    3. dizmo


      Correct. But, generally, most things on eBay sell for more than they do on most other platforms anyway. So the cost increase is generally a moot point to begin with.

    4. Jtalk4456


      I don't typically use ebay for anything, but I used to in college, and the only reason I used it was to find cheaper stuff. Maybe this has changed, but that's my perspective.

  12. Back home, to Canada's Texas. 

    1. ARikozuM


      Ahh, vast expanses of cacti and sand... Maybe the occasional tumbleweed...


      [dons hat and duster]

    2. dizmo


      Haha, more the people, but yes same idea ;)

      Bunch of rednecks. With pick up trucks.

    3. ARikozuM


      Redneck + truck + old = Florida. 


      🤣 Shit... 😭

  13. Coming soon: Budget Beast 2.0

  14. I'm selling PC stuff in Vancouver! 



    Desk mat $5

    JBL Pebbles USB speakers $40

    Creative A250 2.1 speakers $20

    GSkill KM780 MX Red $60

    Dell P2214H (have 2) $60


    Gaming PC

    Intel 46x0k

    MSI Z97 motherboard 

    Corsair AIO

    16GB RAM

    240GB SSD

    ASUS Strix GTX 970

    Phanteks case 



  15. Kiiiiiind of tempted to buy some Liquidation.com lots...

  16. I just took two shots of Henny and I'm goin' in,

    I thought we were over now we're goin' in.



  17. Is it just me, or is this Computex, other than perhaps the AMD announcement, rather disappointing.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      I haven't been sold on RGB SSDs, even before Jay made his video.

    3. dizmo


      @Crunchy Dragon I think they're a neat idea...but the 2.5" drives would usually be hidden out back in most modern cases so it loses its value. The upgrade bug has really hit me. These next few weeks can't be over soon enough.

    4. Crunchy Dragon

      Crunchy Dragon

      They're a neat idea, but if the LEDs are gonna make the SSD thermal throttle and straight up overheat, I'm not for that.

  18. Rig update 2019: Bye Intel.

    1. DrMacintosh


      Overthrow the tyrant /o/ Long live Ryzen!

    2. dizmo


      Haha, I'm not about to pretend switching to Ryzen is to knock Intel; if Intel still held the performance crown, they'd still be in my system ;)

  19. The keys to my heart, I lost.

    It's fatal.



  20. Ryzen 9.

    *panties drop*

  21. I don't hate how AMD named their new GPUs...thank god they didn't go with the RX 5070.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Jurrunio


      @dizmo so assuming they'll make a new series of GPUs 2 years later, they will be the RX 5200 series?

    3. dizmo


      @Jurrunio Unlikely considering the current card is called the RX 5700 ;) I imagine next will be the 6000 series.

    4. Jurrunio


      @dizmo sad. Though people will be like "when have you released your 50th generation of GPUs"

  22. When you say it like that,

    oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

    Let me fuck you right back,

    Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh



  23. Summer cologne purchases complete 😈

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. dizmo


      @DrMacintosh Haha I always found it funny it was called that TBH. Makes sense in a way. Cologne is the lowest form of what it is, eau du toilette being just a little higher. Shots fired.


      @TheSLSAMG Agreed with the pic. It was actually a friend pushing me to get some, except she's super blunt and keeps saying "dude, trust me, a good cologne, panties will drop." I'll just torture her a bit with it 😂 I got:

      • Dolce & Gabbana The One 
      • Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Intense
      • Savatore Ferregamo F Black
      • Alfred Dunhill Desire

      I also ordered a bunch of samples of ones I might like. I want to get Bond No 9's Bleeker Street, but I'm going on vacation next week so...money's going to other things. Which CK One did you like? There's quite a few.


      @VegetableStu You don't like to smell nice? 😛

    3. VegetableStu







    4. TheSLSAMG


      @dizmo It's both the original CK One and CK One Shock for Him. Shock has been out of production though so it's not easy to find.




  25. Hmm. 2006 Outback, with a swap to a JDM turbo engine? Sounds like a tempting summer project.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. dizmo


      JDM rear bumper, it'd need the hood from a turbo car.

    3. LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo


      Yeah I'd personally just leave everything stock to be honest, if you ever wanted to sell it on a fully stock car will sell much better and will fetch more money. I know modifying cars is all the rage these days but unless you want to do motorsport, modifying normal road cars for the street just isn't worth it. 

    4. dizmo


      Eh, I'm not worried about resale value. Though, honestly, even it being a modded car, I'll get more than I put into it when I do sell it.

      Cost of stock engine, high mileage, plus rebuild kit $2,500

      Cost of head gasket repair $2,400

      Complete car from Japan $2,800


      The cost of the Japan swap car is minimal, plus any additional parts that I might need will be available, and I can sell off a great deal that's left over to recoup some of the cost of the vehicle (transmission, brakes, tail and headlights, wheels, etc). The rear bumper I want, from Japan, is $1,400. If I get it from a wreckers, it's $225, and can be tossed into the car so shipping is free.