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  1. good riddance to the Chinese technology theft machine, not that it'll slow them down that much
  2. in USA they're required by the FCC to disclose it and those sponsors are also required by the FCC to tell them to disclose it
  3. that's usually the idea, keep it locked down for the initial burst of sales then it doesn't matter so much after that
  4. isn't pop-in mostly due to the speed of your hard drive? playing on an SSD usually stops that
  5. I see no reason to introduce even more regulation. Vote with your wallet, leave the government out. If parent's can't keep watch of their kids that shouldn't be everyone else's problem
  6. you don't have to explain good jokes
  7. I'd rather have the NSA spy on me than China. At least it's my own country and I probably won't get shipped off to a gulag
  8. too bad they removed it from the extension stores that's pretty funny he's saying hardware is thermal-throttled on a well-cooled PC the same way it will always be thermal throttled on a mac
  9. I would argue games like God of War and Sekiro prove this to be absolutely wrong
  10. So they want to go the NSA route where they're still collecting our information but, officially, they aren't collecting anything
  11. it was the beginning of Bioware: Tumblr edition for all of their games. A game series that once had Leliana and Morrigan then assaults us with Sera and Josephine
  12. eh who cares, let the Chinese suck all their data. They probably want to learn how to efficiently do it to their own citizens but they could just ask the NSA too
  13. Ya know, it really depends how much money they're making doing this on whether or not I feel sorry for them. If the number was high enough I'd happily live like this to mine the golden rock that is fortnite for as long as I could stand it
  14. Competition is a good thing... Valve goes where the money is, like any developer. The amount of time they have to spend in Dota and Artifact to make a million dollars is a lot less than the time they would have to spend making anything else to make maybe a million dollars. It's the player's fault for playing and buying things in these games, not Valve's
  15. Rural areas, which are usually in small towns, are sometimes the worst administrative wise. Two towns I've lived in had a city council of members who had been in charge since they were in their 20s, and refused to let any new ISP move in because they would utterly demolish the locally owned, family operated, absolute garbage ISP that still uses Adobe Flash for their graphics on their website. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage eventually both of these towns complained enough the council caved and let in whatever bigger ISP wanted to take over but I had moved by then
  16. I don't really mind the idea of paying $100 once for Windows and getting updates for eternity But I do not like games as a service. It usually means developers release unfinished games, fix them over the course of a year, then release trickles of content for the next 5 years. At the end of the 5 years you have a decently filled out game. With a game like Destiny it wasn't so bad, they were almost the first aside from MMOs, it was fine to put up with it. But if we're expected to put up with 5 year waits for every single game that comes out anymore... we're going to be stuck with Destiny forever also if you buy an online only game, you're renting access to the software until the servers go down. this isn't new and isn't all that annoyance-worthy to me. i've spent more money on far more temporary things in my life
  17. Montreal was considered the A-team for Bioware for the longest time. I'm not too sure what happened, besides Drew leaving 15 different times and losing some other original guys, probably to bring in 'fresh developers' for a more 'diverse' experience or something. Once the original talent is gone you get the Blizzard result, where people ride of the success of things created by people far, faaaar more talented than they are At this point I hope EA kills Bioware. The last thing I want is for them to make an even worse Dragon Age with DA4 and have 3 (almost 4) atrocities in a row
  18. Inquisition should have been a warning for what was to come... wish I had listened before I bought Andromeda
  19. Networx is pretty good too. They used to have a free version but I think they got rid of that a while ago for some reason
  20. bosque is prounounced bos-kee some other speakers might sound it like bwos-kee I will not be surprised if people start pronouncing it bosk but thanks to things like gnome and g-nome, what else is new in the computer world
  21. I imagine all those "obesity is safe" people were the ones complaining
  22. The work-in-progress algorithm probably just saw a lot of smoke. Also I've seen that 'anti-fake news' banner link to wikipedia a lot. the irony...