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  1. Is the US healthcare controlled and funded by the government? When we talk about public healthcare, we mean, we have a system that works in a similar way as a Heath Insurance. For instance, Back In Brazil, we have the SUS (Single Health System) and here in the UK, we got the NHS (National Health System). Both systems are funded by public money (AKA: Tax money) and when you need medical treatment, you don't need to spend a single dime, unless you need something that is not covered by the healthcare system. Canada has a similar system, but you need to pay a montly fee (can't remember how much)
  2. Yeah, you are right, Those six employees were probably lying, right? No company would release a statement that is not true, right?
  3. Yeah, but I did not parked my jpeg illegally...or did I? *checks jpeg* You won this time, but next time...be prepared...or not, your choice.
  4. Again, sorry for being a jackass, I know it's no excuse, but this lockdown and some personal things are getting into me.
  5. Ok, great, sorry then if I dismissed you like a jackass. But let me try to explain why I think this is fucked up, at least in my view. Back in Brazil, were I come from, there are no Unpaid Leaves. All your working days, holidays and vacations are all paid. You may have a discount if you fail to fulfill your monthly hours, but what your discount will be that month paid leave (Sunday, for example). Additionally, we get a 13th salary, that would work almost the same way as your Christmas bonus, but granted by law as an extra salary month. And on top of that, the employer must make a pension
  6. You complained that I used the "They don't think like us, so they don't deserve the conversation", and yet, you prove my point that there is no reason to discuss it.
  7. You see? that's the mentality I think it's weird on you guys. 1- Ohhh, were I come from, we got loads of snow...Well, congrats, but were you come from, you are ready for that snow. Texas is NOT because it is not THAT cold in the winther. This is called empaty, try it. 2- You guys think that's is normal to have unpaid leaves.
  8. No, it's not, but let's face it. If you really tough that you, as the most vulnerable level on the production chain (AKA: employee) should just keep working because your company won't make an effort to keep you safe and you actually were proud of working inside your car, what can I say? Really? I, for one, who came from a country with (or, at least, we had, until our new elected president started shitting around) strong labor laws, and now living on a country with somewhat good labor laws (At least better than Texas that has close to 0 fucks), I think this is a major bullshit. On any seri
  9. You are trying to have a reasonable conversation with people who don't believe in labor laws. Forget about it.
  10. I live in the UK and I watched the Texas storm news on TV. I was hoping that you guys on the US would...AT LEAST...be aware as well.
  11. Yeah, I know. But what really baffles me is the amount of people here who thinks its just wining because "Ohh, where I livem we get 100km of snow and we dig a tunnel to go to work everyday without complaining". Well, Kudos for you guys, not everyone live in the fricking north pole.
  12. I find it funny on how many people's reply is something like "Ohhh, if you don't want to get out on the snow, work from home". https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-56076686 Don't believe the "Media", how about the 8Bit Guy?