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  1. Why don't we shame the parents more for giving their kids these expensive phones in the first place, or for failing to limit their time on social media? Or just other parenting in general. Why is it always the screen's/corps fault that the government then has to step in and fix?
  2. take their business where? there's TSMC and Intel and Nvidia and Global Foundries... who else? They're all going to follow the price hikes, the demand isn't changing, and you want your console or computer, right? In other words, you're going to find the extra money to pay for it, and they know it. The could double the prices, and they would still sell out. People buying scalped GPUs at 2-2.5x the cost or PS5's at double the cost are proof of that
  3. Steam critics: Everyone has hundreds of $5 games they bought on sale and will never play Also Steam critics: lol the new hardware is so expensive every game is $60 and everyone pays for a subscription and the hardware is the same as a console that also has $60 games and a subscription and it's just ridiculous
  4. Yes usually DuckDuckGo is enough but every now and then there's something I want to find that I can only describe random moments of the video or part of the picture, and only Google is capable of finding what I wanted when it was that obscure and random. I'm not sure any search engine will ever reach that level but it also just means I need to download memes more
  5. My ground doesn't magically gain 12F above ambient outside on its own, and a white dish more or less suspended with 360 degree airflow isn't either
  6. Where the heck is it hitting 50C/122F in Germany on a regular season basis?
  7. That's just four games and only 2 of them came out in the last year
  8. lol what you even talking about, you act like a video game has never been overhyped before. you need to go outside
  9. not always, Bethesda said it'd be as much work to remaster their older games as it would be to make a new one. I mean have any mods even successfully remade Morrowind or Oblivion like they always say they will? There's a Unity copy/paste of daggerfall but that doesn't look any better than the original. It's still pretty lazy riding off old good-feelings to market the game you're selling twice, especially when your games didn't have much else but the graphics to begin with
  10. It's still neat seeing how far our technology is coming along, but yea there's rarely or never a developer who uses the full capability these tech demos show off
  11. come to my house and say any string of words you want with me in the room and prove me wrong then