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  1. Stadia deserves to be ground into dust and forgotten about for eternity. I wish it would delete itself already
  2. depends where you live. Most european countries have far less footprint to cover than America. I've lived in places with symmetrical 1gbps up/down and places with 10mbps. Starlink can't come soon enough
  3. Why did you have hope for them to begin with? They made only the Witcher games, and only 3 was any good compared to the competition at the time, which somehow convinced everyone their next game would make them have 2/4 good games instead of 1/4 good games
  4. in other words the USA likely won't regulate the living garbage out of an alternative way to make money but the EU will, just because the established government and powers don't like it
  5. "very not okay speech" as defined by who? You? The website admins? The government? Free speech means all speech but pigeon holing all the whack jobs to one place, which results in getting their hosting services de-platformed and people getting canceled, means no one can survive. "Just create your own forum" they always say...
  6. At what point is the breaking point for "offensive" speech? At what point do people stop caring because it's too much effort to keep track of what offends who?
  7. lots of things in china seem to run out of money, get acquired by some form of the chinese government, then suddenly have record profits that are definitely real and tacked onto their rising GDP
  8. lol what they get backlash all the time, but people seem to have a problem with Nintendo protecting their very valuable, very old intellectual property. If you had a game series filled with characters as famous and worth the money as Nintendo does, you'd be hiring lawyers to stomp out any theft, no matter how small, just the same as Nintendo. The fact remains this is a third party mod made without permission of any kind for a game Nintendo still fully owns all rights to. They have ever last legal right to do this, and it's not their problem a bunch of people want to play a 20 year old offline-
  9. It's not going anywhere. They have no real competitor, they can do whatever they want and it won't die anytime soon
  10. if it went to court you could get that free representation but it would likely be yourself and it would suck very much
  11. sounds like a lot of accusations and not much else. don't really see this going anywhere but an undisclosed settlement a few months from now
  12. I've always found this weird, no McDonalds I've ever been to has had a broken ice cream machine
  13. The guy behind an effort trying to permanently remove media ownership doesn't like independent people making money by streaming media? shocking