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  1. Only 12 million dollars? Why not 120 million? Let's make it a cool Billion maybe?
  2. Summary In Dave 2D's new video on Youtube he thinks the 32core GPU in the up and coming Macbook Pro will be similar to a RTX 3070, but at 40watts. Quotes My thoughts I would love if this was true. To have that power but without it sucking the battery dry quickly would be wonderful. Sources
  3. I won't lose any sleep if any of these hackers slip in the bathtub and hit their heads.
  4. If I remember correctly it was Taiwan who warned everyone years before.
  5. Hmm... where have I seen this before? Huawei Presentation material Apple iPadOS WatchOS Presentation material //// Here is the Huawei commercial just for proof:
  6. Summary Thanks to nearly identical code bases, Huawei can update "Android" to "HarmonyOS." Quotes My thoughts Huawei said proudly a couple of years ago that it would create it's own OS, it did not need Android. It still says it today while building on it. How can you trust a brand that lies openly like this? Just admit it and move on, this is just sad. Sources https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/06/huaweis-harmonyos-will-rollout-to-100-android-models-over-the-next-year/
  7. Summary While announcing its latest chips yesterday, Intel launched another aggressive public attack on Mac devices, focusing on the experience of gaming. Quotes My thoughts Ever since Apple (mostly) got rid of Intel processors in their Macs Intel has been slagging them off left,vright and center. It is true that Macs are not for gaming but I have a feeling that the possible launch of the M1X Apple Silicon next week could ruffle some feathers. Sources https://www.pcgamer.com/au/intel-is-happy-to-burn-bridges-with-ex-mac-mate-apple/
  8. Why doesn't popular PC games have a built in "FPS Tester" where it runs the game in different scenarios and give you the results in the end so we have some sort of standard to go by? Having people manually test the FPS in different places in a game is almost useless.
  9. Summary Newly unredacted documents in a lawsuit against Google reveal that the company's own executives and engineers knew just how difficult the company had made it for smartphone users to keep their location data private. Quotes My thoughts Everybody know Google wants your info, this is how they work as a company, but to try to convince smartphone makers to hide location settings? To try and work "through active misrepresentations and/or concealment, suppression, or omission of facts" sounds insane to me, why are they doing this?
  10. The future CPU will be fast FPGA's. If it sense it is being hacked it turns into a 80s radio CPU.
  11. I think if they banned these "things" then it would be a boost in mental health for everyone in India.