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  1. New iMac (different sizes) New Macbook Pro 16". Air and Pro 13 Mac Mini. New Mac Pro. iPads of different variations. iPhones of different variations. Apple Watch. And maybe something more that we don't know. They will need all the chips they can get. Maybe better to contact ASML and try to do everything themselves?
  2. I don't play games since many many years back but WHY does a save file need to be 8MB?
  3. I will wait for the 16" first before I pull the trigger.
  4. Emulation on emulation and it still runs this good, I wonder how much he was pushing the hardware. I am VERY impressed Tim Apple.
  5. I thought Huawei stopped selling phones outside China, wow. More and more countries are saying no to this brand and their sub-brands so I'd rather buy a Samsung or similar.
  6. Now that the CCP controlls the company we should see some serious competition in the market place. I bet ASML laughs all the way to the next billion.
  7. The reason you never heard of Bang & Olufsen is the same reason why you rather buy a regular tv with your own speaker setup. It is the same reason why regular people buy a Volvo and other people buy a Maserati.
  8. I started this thread about the Neural Engine on the M1...
  9. Yeah they came out with an update afterwards.
  10. We have read all about how good the M1 is in all sorts of ways but something not spoken about as much is the M1's Neural Engine, with 16 Cores and the capability of doing 11 trillion operations per second. We are now seeing what can be done in the picture software Pixelmator as an example. My thoughts To me it seems the M1 is an even bigger deal than most people understand. To be able to pack that kind of punch in a fanless laptop is insane and this Neural Engine is just the icing on the cake. I wonder how Intel, AMD and different mobile chip
  11. https://www.macrumors.com/2020/11/11/m1-macbook-air-first-benchmark/ These are up on Geekbench now, official figures. It seems Macbook Pro and Mac Mini has almost identical numbers so it's all about how long you can push it for I guess.
  12. I have been waiting for some time now for a laptop with no fan that can handle simple Photoshop editing, web browsing et.c with great battery life. This could be it.