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  • CPU
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 (Soon to be i5-3470)
  • Motherboard
    Dell OptiPlex 755 MT
  • RAM
    8GB DDR2 800 (soon to be 12GB DDR3)
  • GPU
    MSI GT 710 2GB (DDR3) (soon to be RX 570+Radeon HD 6870)
  • Case
    Dell BTX case (soon to be Corsair Carbide 300R)
  • Storage
    60GB SSD
  • PSU
    Dell 305 watt
  • Display(s)
    2x 1080p, 1x 1050p
  • Cooling
    Stock Dell air cooling
  • Keyboard
    Apple Aluminum USB keyboard
  • Mouse
    HP mouse
  • Sound
    Some Creative home theater system
  • Operating System
    Windows Server 2016 (I finally upgraded from 2012 R2)

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    Folding at Home on a Core 2 Duo (probably a Dell OptiPlex)!
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    Computers (general), Microsoft Windows, Apple (iOS and macOS), Android

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  1. 2 Different GPU's for 2 monitors?

    Why? You'd just be wasting power to use the other monitor. Modern GPUs like your 1060 can run many displays. Even older GPUs, like my Radeon HD 3450 can drive multiple 1080p or higher (not a limitation for you since you have a newer card) displays.
  2. Dell Optiplex random shutdown.

    Have you ran Memtest? My OptiPlex 755 has a bad stick of RAM and will crash when that stick is used.
  3. Dell Optiplex random shutdown.

    What model is it?
  4. Transfer speeds seems slow

    Are you transferring multiple small files or fewer large files?
  5. Left side quieter than right side (earbuds)

    I don’t know about warranty with accessories. They’re Samsung earbuds, not Apple earbuds.
  6. Left side quieter than right side (earbuds)

    I don't think it's blown, as it still sounds perfect even with the volume cranked through some testing (including treble and bass).
  7. Sadly, one of my two pairs of AKG branded earbuds (from a Galaxy S8) have one wonky much like my old Apple EarPods. The left side has gone quieter than the right side. I can compensate for this with adjustment in the OS, but I'd rather not have to. Is there any hope of repairing them? I'd rather not buy a new pair.
  8. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I use Dell computers everywhere. I love them. They’ve been the most reliable computers I’ve ever had. I’ll be getting 2-3 more OptiPlexs soon for free.
  9. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    HP? I don’t like HP very much. I’ve got an IBM PS/1 Model 211. I’ve got too many Apple computers to name, I’ve got an old ThinkPad that doesn’t work right. Dell is my favourite (look at my title).
  10. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    My OptiPlex army (2x 330, 2x 780, 1x 755) have always worked perfectly. I’ve not had much experience with the Precision line.
  11. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    All caps are blown but it still works??? Damn, that's impressive.
  12. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    No, the Dell OptiPlex next to the Precision?
  13. My office just got more than $24,000 USD worth of thin clients, and I didn't even know they were coming. Damn.

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    2. Legendarypoet


      Push one off the desk gently onto a pillow. Pretend it's broken. Offer to buy it for $7. Profit.

    3. Jamiec1130


      "Gently onto a pillow". Ha, I wish. They'd make me pay 2x MSRP for it, but just to cover the damage fees. I wouldn't get to keep it. I know my ways to break stuff. Some people here use Chromebooks, and in the past I've found a way to get back at them if I'm mad at someone who uses one. There's a way to break the OS just enough to where it has to be fixed and can't be used in the meantime, but nobody knows I'm the one doing it. 

    4. Jtalk4456


      *Flips Windows Upside down*

      Muahahaha, they'll never figure out how to type upside down!

  14. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    Is that a GX520/620 I see down there as well?